Monday, April 16, 2012

On the Horse Again

Well, our original plan on Saturday was to go straight to Albuquerque to retrieve our car from the airport, where we left it when we flew to Elkhart on April 4th. Can you believe that was 12 days ago already?

But the winds on I-40 were petrifying, terrifying, scary ... did I say petrifying? So instead, with great relief, we exited I-40 and came straight to the campground in Santa Fe. It was still windy and quite cold - even spitting a bit of snow. This is how Santa Fe welcomes us - when we first moved here from Scottsdale, Arizona 5 years ago, it was April 10th. And it snowed. I thought RVPainter was going to cry. He thought we'd made a Horrible Mistake. So it's only fitting that it should snow again to welcome us back for this brief respite before starting out on May 1st for San Antonio, Texas.

But I digress! Yesterday dawned still cold, still windy and still spitting snow. In a way, this was a relief, because otherwise we'd have been tempted to drive to Albuquerque to get the car. We really needed a day of rest, so I'm glad the weather decided for us. As the day progressed, the weather cleared - still cold, but less wind and YaY!! SUNSHINE! We ended up having a lovely and relaxing day - did our laundry, walked around the campground, rested and I even got a chance to read! I just started reading Leftovers by my friend Arthur Wooten - it's available now on Amazon (please check it out). Although we had to make do with stuff from the KOA store for our lunch and supper, we were Happy Little Campers.

Today, we must get back up On the Horse Again. There is no wind, the sun is shining and so we will head to Albuquerque to get the car. Having the car is like regaining your freedom - once you've parked the RV, you really don't feel like unparking it just to go the store! We'll go to storage and get some of that stuff we put in there, and then we'll go shopping for some real food. I think we're both a little nervous about driving the RV again after Friday's Perils, but it's best to get back out there and remember that You Can Do It!

Tomorrow - a few Pictures from along the road!


  1. Looking forward to travel to you...

  2. Seems like Scotland isn't the only place with random weather in April... at the weekend I took the kids to the playground, and it went from sunshine to snow (just brief showers, though we have had 3-4 inches in April before and the kids went sledging!) Good to hear you got a nice rest. Look forward to the pictures.

  3. I hadn't thought of that - it would be a pain to drive an RV around just for groceries and such. So you'll tow the car behind on the next leg of the journey?

  4. Be safe out there!

  5. What an adventure you are having. The winds were awful this weekend. I was in Ojo Caliente and it didn't stop blowing the whole weekend. Be safe!

  6. trekking your blog!!! be safe! i'm excited especially for the photos! hehehe


  7. That weather sounds awful -glad you chose the safer option.

  8. I would have been PETRIFIED! I don't know if I could drive the RV. I'm glad you decided to wait it out. My husband would probably have gone for it and I would have prbably cried the whole way! UGH!
    Blessings, Joanne

  9. I am glad you got your day of rest. Have a safe trip, and take care.

  10. Thanks everyone - a much better day today - sunny and not windy, so we made it down to Abq and got the car, which feels like the return of freedom!

  11. Hello Melissa! Glad you got a chance to get some rest and to do some reading. Stay safe. Look forward to your next posting.



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