Sunday, November 30, 2014

Check out my poem, Ocean Point, in the Literary Bohemian

One of my poems, Ocean Point, was selected for publication in the latest issue of the Literary Bohemian. You can view it by clicking here: OCEAN POINT

Below are some picture taken on Ocean Point, which is in East Boothbay, Maine at the entrance to Linekin Bay. I remember playing on these rocks when I was six years old! I don't have a picture from then, but here's one of me sitting on "my rocks" when we were there in 2012.

Loving my rocks as much at the age of 56 as I did at the age of 6!!

We vacationed there every year when I was young, and later I had a home in East Boothbay. I wish I had a picture of our house, but there doesn't seem to be one on this computer. On Sunday mornings, Dick and I liked to go to the East Boothbay General Store to get coffee and a pecan sticky bun.

I remember going into this store when I was little. It's changed hands many times in its history, of course, but in my lifetime there has always been a store there. Now they make great food in addition to the usual general store stuff. Click on the photo and you'll see what they offer now.

Then we'd take those up to the point and spend the whole day just sitting and looking.

Sitting and looking - or reading :)

It's truly one of my favorite little pieces of the planet - when I'm there, I feel like I am Home. Here are shots of what you see when you are sitting on Ocean Point.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


I am very grateful today for all my blessings,
 including the love and support of family and friends.

Many thanks to all of you whom I met here at this blog 
and who have shown such kind support for my books and for me.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Monday, November 24, 2014


Earlier this month, Kathryn at Shelf Full of Books reviewed THE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE and gave it FIVE STARS! Now she has reviewed the sequel, RETURN TO CANTERBURY and I'm happy to say she loved this book too - another FIVE STAR REVIEW!


A couple of other things:

There is a KINDLE COUNTDOWN SPECIAL on RIGHT NOW for RETURN TO CANTERBURY! This means that the price is just 99 cents for two days, then goes up to $1.99 for two days and then $2.99 and then returns to the original price of $3.99. So take advantage of the savings NOW!


If you buy the print versions of THE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE and RETURN TO CANTERBURY together, you'll save - in fact you can get the two books together on AMAZON for under $20!

THE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE is the perfect holiday read, not just for the kids but for the whole family. And you'll want to dive right into RETURN TO CANTERBURY to find continue the adventure and get all your questions answered.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Shelf Full of Books Reviews THE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE

Grateful for this WONDERFUL review of THE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE over at Kathryn Svendsen's SHELF FULL OF BOOKS blog. She'll be reviewing RETURN TO CANTERBURY later this month, when a Kindle Countdown promotion kicks off! You can also now save when you buy the two books together on AMAZON.


There was a lot of exciting action and suspense in the book that will hold the interest of middle graders. Even as an adult reader I didn’t want to put the book down.

I loved the old time feel to the town of Canterbury. With a look back to the depression era, The Christmas Village brought back the old time magical feel that Christmas used to have before all the electronic gadgetry brings now.

I found the resolution to Jamie’s dilemma of how to get home cleverly thought out and executed.

I absolutely loved The Christmas Village. It’s one of those favorites that’ll be one my bookshelves for years to come. I gave this book 5 stars out of 5. A great read for everyone in the family!