Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hard to believe that it's been a month since we arrived here in Hubbards, Nova Scotia. At first, I thought that would be an awfully long time to be here ... wasn't sure what we'd do. But it turned out to be just fine. We went to Halifax three times, to Peggy's Cove, Lunenberg, Liverpool, Mahone Bay and Chester, and followed most of the coastline from Halifax to Liverpool. The weather was with us - remarkably so. We enjoyed a concert on the harbor for Canada Day and saw the Tall Ships sail into Halifax Harbor. We found some lovely beaches, a delightful waterfront park here in Hubbard where we spent many afternoons reading and resting, and the local library, that had  great wifi!

As we head out of Nova Scotia for Quebec, I'll leave you with these images of some of my favorite memories of our time here on the South Shore .... Enjoy!

Tall Ships, Halifax Harbor

Mahone Bay

Our day at the Citadel - my friend James and me :)

Hubbards Community Waterfront Park - where we spent glorious afternoons reading, napping and watching the boats go by

LeHave Bakery - an unexpected delight!

I think this is Five Points Lighthouse in Lunenberg!

Near Peggy's Cove

Bagpiper at Peggy's Cove Lighthouse

Peggy's Cove

Reading at the J.D. Shatford Library in Hubbards

Thoughts About Home

Many of you may know Michelle Miller - she is "The True Book Addict," and is very active on Goodreads. If you love to read, you'll want to check out her book recommendations on Goodreads, and if you are a writer, she is a GREAT contact to have.

Michelle is also a fanatic about Christmas, and every July she celebrates Christmas in July at her The Christmas Spirit Blog. She asked me to do a guest post for that theme, and it's up on her blog now.

Our journey on the road has brought up all sorts of feelings for me about the concept of "home," and so my guest post is titled, "Home for the Holidays." If you have a chance, pop over to read it HERE, and leave a comment to let us know you came by.

We leave Nova Scotia tomorrow to head for Quebec, so I'll be putting up a farewell to Nova Scotia post with pictures from some of my favorite memories of our time here - can you believe we were here a month? It's gone by so fast .... We feel like we really got to know this small part of Nova Scotia on the South Shore -it is absolutely lovely, and the people are friendly and kind. We are ready to move on though, and we love Quebec City, so we're looking forward to our time there.

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reading at the Hubbards, Nova Scotia Library

The wonderful librarians at the J.D. Shatford Library in Hubbards, Nova Scotia were kind enough to fit me in for a reading of The Christmas Village yesterday. This was immediately following their kids' program "Fun with Imaginary Boxes" - those kids had SO much fun so I didn't know if they'd want to settle down for the reading. But they did! Check out the pictures below.

And, it's Christmas in July with The Christmas Village on SALE at for $11.69, and it's available in Kindle e-book for $2.99. You can check out the reviews from the young and young-at-heart here: The Christmas Village on Amazon. It's a great time to buy on sale for the special kids in your life, or for yourself.

We leave Nova Scotia and head for Quebec on Friday, should be arriving there Sunday.

Okay, here are the pictures - enjoy!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Watching the filming of the Stephen King show "Haven"

One of the fun things about our travels is that you never know what you might just happen upon ....

There is a TV show called Haven, which takes place in Maine. But they film a lot of it in Hubbards, Nova Scotia, because, well, because it looks a lot like an old Maine town! Today they shot some footage at the Shore Club, which is adjacent to campground we are at. Here are some pictures I got just hanging around and watching them for a while ...

This scene is 1950's - lots of cool 1950's cars in the lot!!

It's usually just "The Shore Club!"

Friday, July 20, 2012

Tall Ships - Halifax, Nova Scotia

It was a beautiful day for the tall ships in Halifax Harbor - I cannot believe the glorious weather with which we have been blessed during our stay in Nova Scotia. We leave here a week from today to head over to Ile D'Orleans, just ouside of Quebec City.

I hope you are all having a lovely summer - Enjoy these pictures of the tall ships!

The BOUNTY  - from Mutiny on the Bounty

That's one way to keep everyone together!

Even Santa showed up, for a very important conversation!
That's me with my new boyfriends!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hubbards is about 30 minutes south of Halifax and is our base this month. Hubbard's Cove is quite pretty, and this is a good launching point for visiting much of the South Shore. We can't say much good about the campground we're at - it is very disappointing. But we've "made lemonade" by touring about on good days, and our first week here we made the most wonderful friends in Debbie and Steve from Ottowa. They've gone home now :( but we're so glad to know them. Anyway, you can see that Hubbards itself, like the rest of Nova Scotia, is quite lovely. Enjoy!

RVPainter relaxing in our "secret spot" - the community park and boat launch across the harbor from our campground.

Our secret park

Colorful inn and restaurant on the road to the campground - we sat on their lawn to watch a free concert and fireworks on Canada Day

Most of the churches here look like this. This one is particularly gothic - so much so that it has been used in a Canadian TV show called The Haven that is written or produced or something, by Stephen King. They were shooting the show here when we first arrived.

From Bishop's Park, across from the church, at the head of Hubbard's Cove

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Pictures from Nova Scotia: Mahone Bay

Mahone Bay is a sweet little town about 30 minutes south? west? - it's hard to tell on this piece of land - anyway, that's where we went today. Enjoy the pictures, and check out the previous post for pictures of Peggy's Cove -30 minutes the other way :)

View of Mahone Bay as you come upon it from the east

One of three churches in a row on the main street

RVPainter waiting for his grilled sausage at the Farmer's Market

Shop with fabric and hand-hooked rugs. Suttles are pieces of fabric saved from something old

That's RVPainter at the Farmer's Market

A view of the bay from the town

Sweet architecture - lots of French influence

Houses are colorfully painted here

I just liked this

Monday, July 9, 2012

NOVA SCOTIA: Pictures from Peggy's Cove

Taking a little break from my blog break to bring you photos from our continuing stay in Nova Scotia. These are from around Peggy's Cove, and I'll put up some from a few more places in the vicinity later. ENJOY!
Just a little up the road from Peggy's Cove, in West Dover

Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove

Bagpiper at the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove

Near Peggy's Cove