Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Home

I have always been a homebody. As a kid, I'd get homesick just sleeping over at a friend's house - couldn't wait to get back home. I was lucky - for me, home was a safe place, where I was loved and protected. I've spent most of my life trying to create a lovely home in which to live as an adult.

So to be doing what we are doing now - uprooting and making our "home" an adventure of travel in an RV - is a huge step for me. Never before in my life would I have been ready for this, but now, it feels just fine. I'm pretty surprised by it, actually. For a while, this comfy RV and a lot of beautiful places will be "home." Home will travel with me. And I guess that is the goal really, isn't it? To be at home with yourself, so you can be at home anywhere. I think that's why I can do this now, because I feel more at home with myself than I ever have. And too, connections like blogging and Facebook make it so much easier to feel connected. Family and friends are "home" too - and I will actually get to see much more of them on this adventure than I have for many years.

Tuesday, we start heading back to what has been home to us for the past five years - Santa Fe, New Mexico. It will take us until Saturday or Sunday to get there. We should get as far as Indianapolis tomorrow.

Monday, we went to Shipshewana, Indiana while they did some last minute stuff on the RV. Shipshewana is a delightful Amish town. Here are a few pictures from our day:

This rocker also swivels! Beautiful Amish construction.

The amazing lemon merangue pie at the Blue Gate Restaurant

RVPainter gaga over his slice of cherry pie

A few minutes later ...

My personal slice of the lemon meranque. Sorry to say I could not eat the whole thing!

Getting goodies for the guys at the Nexus plant (they built our RV)

I know - it seems like it was all about the food, and it kinda was!!


  1. Those look SO YUMMY!

    And I think you're right. The goal is to be at home with ourselves and those we love.

    Wherever that might be :)

    1. Thanks so much Kelly - I always love it when I see that little box with your pretty face show up in comments!

  2. Wow! that meringue is fabulous. And the rocker looks so comfy. Or rather you look very comfortable in it.

  3. What fun pictures! I cracked up at RV's excitement over the cherry pie. Cherry pie is my favorite and I would have gone gaga too.

    Touching post, I hope you and RV enjoy your "home" on the road. :)

  4. Anonymous4/09/2012

    That pie was amazing.

  5. "All about the food" is a good thing. We are always hunting up the food in new places.

  6. That's impressive looking meringue.

  7. Funny how profound thoughts come from simple things. Yes, we do need to be at home with ourselves. Comfortable. I would've finished that pie for you..

  8. Oh that pie made me hungry! One thing I think I've missed - or you haven't mentioned it - is how long you'll be travelling for?

  9. Home is where the heart is. And it looks as if your heart will be travelling with you. I loved the swivelling rocker - and the pies too of course.
    Thank you for taking us on this adventure with you.

  10. It's great that you feel like that and can go on your journey at last. The food looks yummy, mmmm! :)

  11. Oh, your posts bring back so many memories for me. Although I live in Texas now, I was born and raised in Michigan and Shipshewana was a place we visited often. And when I was first married, my husband and I lived in New Mexico. I LOVE Santa Fe. It was another place we visited often. So many good memories. Thank you for sharing.

    Michelle :)

  12. I'm a homebody, too, but I think your adventure sounds amazing! Best wishes to you in your travels.

    Just looking at that pie gave me a cavity :-)

  13. That meringue pie was fabulous looking. I bet I could have eat it all!

  14. I'm making note of that pie for my summer travels. It looks amazing.

    *~ MAJK ~*
    Twitter @Safireblade
    A to Z Blog Challenge

  15. I am so hungry for a slice of pie I can't concentrate! LOL. Great post!

  16. Man, that meringue was beautiful...Safe travels.

  17. Uhhh, where was it you bought those goodies??!!
    Melissa, another thing we share....being a homebody, and when I was little, I couldn't wait to get back home, either! Your husband, Mr. RV, is hilarious! Between these pictures and his Jackie Gleason.....I think he needs to be an actor. Maybe you need to re-route your course, and get over to Hollywood! :D

  18. Thanks everyone! Our days are so exhausting so I'm just checking in at night - we've been on the road all day anyway. I do look forward to landing for a while back in Santa Fe so I can get a bit caught-up. REally appreciate the comments!

  19. I love RVPainter's expression before and after the pie! Such an adventure you are on! I am sure that you will see many things that will inspire new tales! :-)


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