Melissa Ann Goodwin

Melissa Ann Goodwin

Monday, December 4, 2023

Reading a Passage from Candles in the Windows

 Here I am reading a short passage from my new book

Candles in the Windows, A Christmas Romance


Sunday, November 26, 2023

Candles in the Windows is Available Now on Amazon!

I'm so excited to tell you that my new book

is now available on  in paperback, eBook for Kindle, and hardcover. 

Just click on the title above or the cover image below to go directly to the page on Amazon. 


Please join me for my Virtual Book Reading on November 29th at 7pm ET. via Zoom. The Event is sponsored, hosted, and moderated by The Yoga Sanctuary. I'll read some excerpts from Candles in the Windows and take your questions. Read the full event description below the image. I would so love to have you join me for this fun celebration of the launch of my book!

Here's the event description and the link to register. It's free of course! 

The Yoga Sanctuary is very excited to share with you a first of a kind event for us - A Virtual Book Reading with our own Melissa Goodwin, who is not only a yoga teacher, but also a published author and award-winning poet!

This will be a one-hour, complimentary, interactive online event via Zoom. Melissa will read excerpts from her new novel, Candles in the Windows, A Christmas Romance, and from her poetry chapbook, The Brook in the Woods Behind Our Old House, give insights on where her ideas came from, and take your questions.

If you know Melissa, she is easy to listen to and lots of fun, so the event is sure to be fun too! She's willing to share with you not just her written words, but also insights on the creative process. Stay as long as you like, and leave when you want. The event is open to everyone, so tell your book-loving friends, your writer friends, your wanna-be writer friends, and anyone you know who wants to share their creative gifts with the world and is looking for inspiration. 

The online event is FREE and OPEN TO ALL! 

Registration Link: Virtual Book Reading with Melissa Ann Goodwin 

I hope you will come - it will mean the world to me to share this celebration with you!

Sunday, November 19, 2023



Today marks another exciting step toward the release 

of my new book,

Candles in the Windows, A Christmas Romance

It's time for the COVER REVEAL!

But first, a few tidbits about the release and an invitation to my virtual book reading!

My book will be available for purchase on in paperback, hardcover, and as an eBook for Kindle. You can also ask any bookstore to order the book for you.

I'm targeting November 25th (Black Friday) for the release date  -  fingers, toes, and eyes crossed! The final, final, final proof is being final-proofed, finally, even as we speak...


You are invited (please, please, please, please, please come) to my VIRTUAL BOOK READING on November 29th at 7pm ET. 

It will be via Zoom, courtesy of The Yoga Sanctuary. I will read a few tantalizing excerpts and take your questions  about the book, the writing process, or anything else!

It's being hosted by my beloved friends at The Yoga Sanctuary, but it's for EVERYONE! (Yes, YOU!) 

It's free, and all you have to do is register and show up! Here is the registration link - just click on it, then follow the arrows to November 29th, scroll down until you see the event, and VOILA!  So easy!

Virtual Book Reading with Melissa Goodwin

And now, without further ado...

        Well, maybe a little bit of ado...

                    and a drumroll please....

Ta Da !

The cover and back cover text for 

Candles in the Windows, A Christmas Romance

This beautiful cover was designed
 by my niece, artist Olivia Hart


Thirty-two-year-old interior designer Michelle Gordon has returned to her New England hometown for a fresh start.

But her homecoming is bittersweet.

Her parents are gone. The house she grew up in looks unloved. The town is changing.

And they're planning to tear down her beloved Stone School, where happy and carefree childhood memories were made.

Michelle's childhood classmate, Steve Corbin, now runs his own construction business after realizing that a job on Wall Street wasn't for him. Ever since his wife's death three years ago, Steve has been living a quiet and lonely existence.

Michelle makes it her mission to save Stone School, and enlists the help of old friends, neighbors, and classmates, including Steve. But with Christmas just around the corner and the demolition clock ticking, do they have any chance of succeeding?

The attraction between Steve and Michelle is obvious and their affection deepens as they work together to save their school. But will Michelle's feelings for an old crush come between them? And is Steve truly ready to move forward and open his heart again to love?

Join Michelle, Steve, and their families and friends as memories of Christmases past bring new hope for love in the present.