Sunday, January 29, 2012


I love Sundays! It's the one day where it feels like you have permission to goof off ... and I LOVE to goof off ....

That said, I plan to write!

The other day I took a break from Serious Writing (writing with intent to have something of substance when finished) and instead indulged in Playful Writing (writing with no intent but to play around with words and see what happens). Sometimes Serious Writing is also Playful, but not always!

Anyway! Fellow Bloggini and Generally Fun Person, Becky Povitch, (go see her, you'll like her) shared a couple of Playful Writing opportunities on her blog last week, and so I wrote stuff for two of them.

One is the Erma Bombeck Competition, in which you Bend It Like Bombeck - 450 words in the Bombeck style - humor or human interest. That one costs money to enter, but if you've got a little Erma in you, it's worth the fun because the winner gets $500!

The other is Nail Polish Stories, which describes itself as "A Tiny and Colorful Literary Journal. " You write a 25-word-exactly story inspired by a color of nail polish. Silly idea? Well, maybe, but it's a good example of how you can get a story idea from just about anything!

Anyway, I wrote a Nail Polish Story, and they like it, so it will be in their February issue. Just trying out a couple of nail polish colors there in the font.  I'll let you know when it posts so you can go read it. It won't take long to read, because ... it's only 25 words! That'll take, like, 10 seconds, max.

So my Sunday plan goes like this:
  • Put up blog post
  • Enter HGTV Dream Home Giveaway
  • Serious Writing (though hopefully it will be fun) - two hours
  • Walk in the Santa Fe sun, though NOT in the Santa Fe National Cemetery (yet)
  • Nap with golf on the TV
  • Watch "How to Drive Your RV" video
  • Edit the Serious Writing while eating popcorn
  • Sunday night TV: The Good Wife and Downton Abbey - woohoo!

When the Amazing Race comes back on, Sundays will be Pretty Much Perfect.

Hope your Sunday is Pretty Much Perfect too!


  1. I really must go scan the nail polish shelves for some original titles....this sounds like fun.

  2. Oh, Melissa!! I am SO excited your Nail Polish story was chosen!! They should be very happy I blogged about them, for sending them such a talented writer!! Have a fabulous Sunday. Wish I was there with you, walking in that Santa Fe sun! *sigh*

  3. Congrats on the nail polish story!! :)

    Except for pain and sleep, all my days are pretty much perfect--LOL!! Truth. ;)

  4. Hello! I visited and followed Becky... thanks for the heads up for such a cool blogger. Sounds like you're having my perfect kind of Sunday

  5. Hi gals! Becky is a delightful and generous blogger - she will amuse you and also share info like the Nail Polish stories. It was really fun to do - I randomly selected a color and then whatever the name of it was, that determined my story! It worked out well.

  6. That sounds like a fun thing - writing Nail Polish stories. Congrats!

    I love the Amazing Race, too. And I LOVE Sundays.

  7. DW - my Sunday was perfect - I was with you - DH

  8. Love the idea of nail polishes having their own stories!! Yay!! Well done you for writing one and getting it all accepted!! Have you got a favourite nail colour polish? At the moment, mine is called "Red Carpet" by L'Oreal - cos I'm worth it! LOL!

    Take care

  9. Lynn, soul sistas :-)

    RVP xoxo me too, sweetie

    Old Kitty: I love your polish name - now that could be a great 25 word story - go for it! I don't have a favorite - sometimes I'm all pale pinky and sometimes I like RED. You'll see the one I picked for the story - picked at random, but it worked well - apparently!

  10. The nail polish story sounds so fun! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday- it sounds like you had a great day planned. I have had a busy, but fun day. I am looking forward to goofing off in a bit. Thanks for the reminder to enter the HGTV giveaway. I enter regularly and am hoping to win one of these times. :) Good luck to you- too!

  11. Congrats on the nail polish story. That's a fun idea.

    Our day was pretty good. Church, playing with kids, oreos and TV. Very relaxing.

  12. As a retired person all my days are Sundays. Which is pretty good.

  13. Jess, our day is winding down and I can say that it was lovely! Did all those things on the list except the TV stuff isn't on yet. Wouldn't winning the Dream Home be the coolest??

    SP - your day sounds lovely.

    TEC, that's our goal too. Dick's been "retired" for almost 20years, but I'm younger so he's been waiting for me to be ready to goof off full-time - that time has come!!

  14. I Plan To Enter HGTV Dream Home Giveaway myself...wouldn't that be a blessing to win that house.

  15. I always enjoy reading flash fiction, and short little stories. They're great reading that packs a lot of punch! Congrats on being selected for Nail Polish :)

  16. Love of Quilts - it would be amazing to win that!

    Joanne, I don't do much flash fiction but admire those who are good at it! This was SO short, that it was really fun for me.

  17. Congrats for getting picked, sounds like such a great idea. I just dug out me fave nail varnishes - Violetta and Wait Until Dark...:P

  18. Oooh Anna - go with WAIT UNTIL DARK! That's a winner!

  19. Awww, thanks for the kind things you said about me...and you, too, Laura!


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