Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Sequel

I'm pretty excited about my decision to write a sequel to The Christmas Village. Many people said they didn't want the book to end and wanted more. And, I did leave one unresolved issue that could factor into the next book ...

But, just because people WANT more, doesn't mean you should give them more! You know the old saying, "Always leave them wanting more ..."

Still, I miss my characters too, so part of me has been drawn to the sequel idea all along. A big part of my reluctance was the fact that I didn't have an idea for the next story. And it's very important to me that a sequel be as good as or better than the first, and we all know that's not often the case. If I can't write a sequel that I think is as good as The Christmas Village, then it's not happening.

Having said that, and I just did, (I stole that line from RVPainter) I DID get an idea and I've decided to go with it! As usual, RVPainter gets some credit here - whenever I'm a little stuck on where a story is going, we play What if and Maybe and the ideas start to fly. Well we did that, and he really helped me land on an idea I can work with.  Play with.

I am almost three chapters into the story and I like how it feels and where it's going. I feel tingly with excitement when I sit down to write. That's how I felt when I wrote The Christmas Village, so I think it's a very good sign!

Anyway, wish me luck. I don't really talk about my writing once it's underway, so you won't hear much about it between now and when I'm done. But I wanted to tell you that this is what I'm doing, because a) you can root for me; b) Now I have to do it because I told you about it; and c) you can tell everyone to buy The Christmas Village and read it so they'll be up to speed when the sequel comes out :-)

There were a couple more blogger reviews for The Christmas Village this week. If you want to check them out, they are

Here: KidsKornerBooks

Have a great weekend! I'll be writing, but that's all I'm sayin!' What are you up to this weekend??


  1. Rooting! Go Melissa! :-)

  2. I love that tingly with excitement feeling of writing a good manuscript! Enjoy it.

  3. I love your reasons for telling us. They sound an awful like my own reasoning.

    I never expected The Weaver to be more than a stand alone, but everybody loves the character Unwanted and wants to see more of him. It's in my publisher's hands now. Wish it luck!

    GOOD LUCK to you!!!

  4. I wish you all the best with the book. And I'm so glad I met you.

  5. Tracy: Thanks, I feel your pretty smile all the way through my compture!

    Karen: :-) xo

    SP: It tells me I'm on the right track!

    Kai: I'll send big wonderful thoughts - I'm sure it will be a GO - The Weaver was lovely and fun. I donated a copy to one of the schools here and they were thrilled to get it. I'm glad we found each other here in bloggi land.

    Inger - thank you so much, and I feel the same! xo

  6. Yay! So happy. Good luck!

  7. Well------- being the DH of the author - and having some brain storming input I can let you folks in on a secret!!! Shhhhhhhh don't let this out!!

    I have access to the first 2 chapters and I can tell Y'all that I've got goose BUMPS!!!!! That's all I'm going to say!!!

  8. Thanks Tasha!

    RV - goosebumps are good! I've got 'em too!

  9. The rush of a new idea is addicting. I'm cutting quilt squares today, a new project on the board. Good luck, have fun and I'll watch for the release date. Cheers!

  10. Good luck :) Goosebumps and tingles, two feelings you should always trust - you know you are on the right track when you get them.

  11. Good for you. I wish you success and pray that the words just flow from within!

  12. Sally - can't wait to see what YOU are working on!

    Anna - thank you - yes, sure signs!

    Debby - thank you, and thanks for your prayers.

  13. I am excited. Anyone who can view their work as play is in the right (write) profession.

  14. :-) Thanks TCE - I'm excited too.

  15. Dear Melissa,
    To come up--with the help of your artist husband--with an idea for a sequel is, as Ron Weasley says, "Excellent"! I'd add, "Awesome." I'm so happy for you.

    And I truly understand your decision not to share the story with us as you go along. We need to shepherd our creativity.

    I just ordered from Amazon your book "A Christmas Village." The two reviews you suggested we read were both so complimentary about the story, the plot, the characters and your writing ability. How wonderful for you.


  16. I can't wait Melissa! I'm excited to read about the next adventures of Jamie!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  17. Megan, I hope to do him proud :-)

  18. How exciting. Good luck.

  19. That's brilliant Melissa! It's a great idea to build a series around a character. Look forward to hearing about it!

  20. Hi Melissa and Sugar, thanks for the support! I think I'm starting to hyperventile a little. But in a good way :-)

  21. Hi there, my friend! I wish you much luck with writing the sequel. I hope you find a way to write it that will make you happy enough to publish it because I certainly would love to read it. So, happy writing!

    How have you been otherwise? I haven't talked to you in awhile. Are you doing the RV living now? Drop me a line or a comment on my blog when you get a chance.



  22. Melissa,

    Thanks for the kind words on The Weaver and for donating a copy to the school! You are wonderful :D


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