Wednesday, January 11, 2012

L.A. Deval Introduces Us to Celery Tree

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the Celery Tree Big Blog Tour! What the heck is that, you ask? Well, we're about to tell you!

Today I have a visitor - author L.A. DeVaul. She is co-founder, with her mom, Karen Jones Gowen, of, a new online bookstore and community for writers. I'm hosting them on their blog tour in two parts:

Today Liesel is introducing the CeleryTree concept.

Tomorrow's post is called "Why Choose Celery Tree?" As a writer considering which sales venues make sense for me, I had a whole lot of questions for Leisel, so I've asked them! And, lucky for us, she's answered.

I'm sure you'll have some great questions too, and Karen Gowen will be available at to answer them throughout the Big Blog Tour. Please email Karen with any questions you may have about joining, registering, buying books, submitting books or any other issues.

Okay, let's here what L.A.Deval has to say!

Hello, Melissa and Melissa’s followers. Thank you for having me on your blog today. I am L.A. DeVaul, author of Roxanne in La La Land and co-founder of Here is some information to introduce you to CeleryTree and familiarize you with the concept:

Why do we need another online bookstore?

When my mother, Karen Jones Gowen, and I first came up with the idea for this website, we were thinking of all the writers blogging and supporting each other. grew from the simple solution we needed for a centralized location where readers and writers can meet and talk, and buy and sell books. is a beautifully designed, ad-free site with forums, book reviews, author pages, and links to everywhere online where you can find an author’s books.

Why is it called Celery Tree?

We liked the image of something simple and earthy (celery) and also the image of growth and expansion, but in a pretty way, not a weedy way (tree).

What is required for membership?

The cost of membership is $35 a year and purchasing 6 books in a twelve month period. And get this: authors get to keep 90% of every sale. That is better than I could do selling directly from my personal website.

My advice? Leave the jungle and join Celery Tree.

FROM MELISSA:  Liesel, thank you for sharing the Celery Tree concept. And thanks for answering my follow-up questions that will post tomorrow. Look forward to seeing everyone back here then for the Q and A. In the meantime, you might want to pop over to Celery Tree and read more about it there. But before you go, please leave Liesel a comment so she'll know you came by.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Hi Liesel and Melissa! Just a note to add: the yearly membership fee has been waived for a limited time. Authors can join for free by clicking on the "First Authors Welcome Package" on the registration page.

  2. what a creative idea!

  3. Hey Melissa! Thanks for posting this. Just a few minutes ago, I read about on Ann Best's blog. It sounds wonderful!

  4. This is a creative idea and I hope it is very successful. It is impressive how the internet affords so many more ideas to be heard and allowed to evolve outside the constraints of the old publishing framework. Kudos for your ingenuity.

  5. Karen, thanks for that news - I'll post it with tomorrow's blog post as well!

    Amy, Beck, and Sally: HI! It really is a creative idea, and I love the intent behind it with regard to the community of writers. Sally, I think that so many changes that are positive for writers are taking place, and innovation like this is a great example. Thanks for coming by and saying hi.

  6. Interesting. And Celery Tree is a great name.

  7. Leave the jungle - funny!

  8. Nice to know! I'll have to check it out.

  9. Cynthia, Alex and Charlie - thanks for coming by. Celery Tree is definitely worth a look.

  10. I really hope it does well!


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