Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Dreamcatcher Logo

The other day I told you about our Dreamcatcher logo for the RV. Well, I was able to get a photo of the design (thanks, honey). This will go on the back of the RV. RVPainter also sprung for t-shirts and sweatshirts for us that have this logo on the back. Mine are mostly RED.

I think this is going to look pretty cool...RVPainter had it designed
 by some folks in Albuquerque, using one of his as a model

It's Tuesday, so I work and then this afternoon my friend Patti and I do handstand practice.
I can do a great handstand once I'm up there, it's the getting up there that I have trouble with. 
It's psychological. So we help each other.
I kicked up for the first time right around the time I turned 54, and could do it for a while,
but then I lost it. Head games!!

After handstand practice, we have Yoga Sutra class. The sutras are all the words of yoga wisdom compiled by this fellow, Patanjali. He must have been a very patient and meticulous guy, because there are hundreds of these sutras. You chant them, because it helps you remember them and then you talk about what they mean. A lot of people think yoga is a "religion" but it's not. The sutras say things like, "Now yoga begins," and, "practicing yoga quiets the chatter of the mind." They basically talk about how yoga practice helps us make life less of a struggle.

Anyway, I'm not that much into the meaning, I like the chanting part. It makes me feel really relaxed. And there are only three notes: low, middle and upper, so I can stay on tune!!


  1. DW - Being 30 inches in length and 14 3/4inches at the widest point, it sure will be seen by the folks behind us!!!

  2. Okay, so don't be robbing any convenience stores whilst driving the RV...dead giveaway.

  3. Cool design. I love dream catchers. I had started doing yoga then I stopped...I think I will start again. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. I love that you have T-shirts, too! I'll recognise you when you roll up to the Pacific Northwest.

  5. Delores -good thinking!!

    Joanne, for me, yoga is like playing in the sandbox with my friends...

    Margo - thanks!

    Stephanie - yes, we will look so cute in our little shirts, and yes, you'll know it's US!!

  6. Lovely logo!
    Good luck with the handstands and yoga! :)

  7. The logo is great!!! You two are going to have a blast. That is wonderful that you can do the headstand. I am chicken but I have a bad neck too. :-)

  8. What a wonderful logo. I love it. Thank you.

  9. Annalisa, thanks!

    Rita, thanks - I had a pretty good practice today :-)

    Tracy Jo, We can't wait! I have to overcome the fear every single time with handstand!

    TEC, thank you :-)

  10. I did do a little yoga back in the day but prefer tai chi. Just as painful but a little more fluid for my taste. Hey, I'm officially a Bloggi. Cool!

  11. Oh wow that's a gorgeous logo. :-)

  12. Stephen, yes, you are a Bloggi!

    Thanks, Misha :-)

  13. Does doing a handstand against the wall count? Not that I'm gona try :P I love that you have matching shirts. A mug with that logo would be nice.

  14. Anna - oh yes, I don't do it away from the wall -I'm scared of going over backwards! We'll be very cute in our matching shirts. We'll be sure to post pictures. Mugs = good idea!

  15. Dear Melissa,
    Would you say that yoga is a spiritual tradition? Or is it a wise way of treating our body? Or a way of wisely living in our world?

    I so like the sutras you shared with us.


  16. Love your Dreamcatcher logo :)

    I couldn't do a handstand when I was a kid, so I think I'm hopeless in that area. And it's not high on my list of priorities.

    Your new photo is awesome!

  17. Dee - I think yoga is a complete system - physical practice has benifts to the mind and body too. The philosophical part is an intellectual understanding of yoga's benefits, but when you chant them, it feels spiritual! And meditation promotes physical relaxation, calms the mind and opens up our hearts and minds to the spiritual. That's how I see it anyway!

  18. Carol - it's only high on my list because I could do it for a while and now I can't! As soon as I can kick up again - I'll probably say, okay good, that's enough!

  19. I love this, how gorgeous! Love dreamcatchers and used to have one hanging in my bedroom, until my cat decided it looked just like a cat toy as far as he was concerned. How cool that you are having t-shirts made, too. :)


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