Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting Inspiration from Other People's Creativity

Somebody recently had a great post on their blog about ways to stimulate creativity when you're feeling uninspired. I forget whose blog it was - if it was you, kudos, because it was a good post! (Feel free to take credit here in the comment section.)

I find that when I need a creative jolt, it often helps me to check out what other people do - folks whose creative talent is different from mine. I love to follow quilters and  bakers, painters and photographers, gardeners and crafters. I really love the crafty folks - they amaze me!

So here are just a couple of bloggers I follow whose creativity often makes my jaw drop with admiration:

Just Jingle - she's Jennifer Ingle and she loves glitter! She makes cards and stamps and, well, just the coolest fun stuff. Man, is she talented. Go see her HERE.

Creative Grammie: She's Wayna and her post today shows crepe paper flowers she made. They are just lovely. She's going on a trip, so she won't be blogging much the rest of the month, but go check her out anyway: HERE.

Memorable Meanders: And then there's Jo, a So. African now living in Kenya. She seems to be good at everything, but mostly what I like about her blog are the photographs she takes of the animals and people in Africa. You can find her HERE.

And it goes without saying that you should pop over and visit my cute (he doesn't like being called cute), sweet (he'd really hate that) and talented (he'd be okay with that) husband, RVPainter. He's funny (he'd like that too) and the curmudgeon stuff is just an act. Mostly. You can find him HERE

Do you follow bloggers who are creative in a different way from you? I'd love to hear about them! Because I'd like to follow them!


  1. Wow, thanks Melissa Ann, for giving my blog such a good write-up. You are so sweet with your comments on mine too. I'm not good at everything, but aspire to be the best I can in what I enjoy. I LOVE writing, I love the outdoors and I love the Africa. I'll visit the other blogs you mention, including your hubby's. I'm glad I met you on blogger. You inspire me with my writing. Greetings, Jo

  2. Hi Jo, my husband has a friend named Angelique who is an artist from So. Africa. He's never met her, but they talk online about art. I'll highlight her next time!

  3. Aww! Thank you so much!!! You are too sweet! I do, indeed, make a lot of fun stuff, but I could never do what you do! I've tried! LOL!

  4. Thanks for giving me some new inspiring people to follow. Here is one of my faves...she also is good at everything. http://jeremynjenprice.blogspot.com/

  5. Thanks Tracy Jo - I'll check her out!
    Hey Jingle, I bet you could!! You're scary talented!

  6. Dear Melissa,
    I follow many creative bloggers, but I'd like to share only two with you right now as time is short today.
    Rita spends a lot time in her home because of fibromyalgia, but she is so creative in her art work.
    Her site is as follows: http://soulcomfort.blogspot.com

    The other site is written by Elisa. She's published both memoir and children's books and is gifted artistically. But she is also greatly gifted in parenting. Her site is as follows:


  7. Dee, thanks so much for sharing those, I'm going to visit all the blogs people share with me here today. Much appreciated!

  8. Dee - I thought ecwrites sounded familiar and that's because I already follow her! Good choice. Now off to visit soulcomfort - that sounds familiar too, but mayble only because it sounds so lovely!

  9. Hello Melissa!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. What an adventure for you two. I peeked at your hubby's work and he is very talented. And you write. What a pair of creative travelers! ;)

    I follow some very creative people (you already know Dee and Elisa). I don't have the websites memorized but they're listed on the blogs I follow. Off the top of my head: Art By Serena Lewis (acrylics/collage), Artoholic (pastels), Cowgirl Red (freestyle quilted pillows/quilts), 365: Make a Book a Day (bookbinding), The Painting and Scratchboard Art of Judith Edwards (scratchboard art that blows me away), Forest Walk Art (makes art from animal bones/feathers/etc she finds on her meanderings), The Quicksilver Workaholic (Cathy/Kate Johnson-sketching/watercolor artist), Tracey Fletcher King (watercolor sketches), Woman, Art, Life (clay sculptor)....there are more who make cards, write, crochet...goodness! I shouldn't have even tried to start a list.
    Anyways, nice to meet you. I shall return. :)

  10. Rita - thank you, these sound wonderful! I'll check them out tomorrow.

  11. Hi Melissa .. there are some really talented people out there - creating wonderful things ..

    One you should check out - her son has Cockayne Syndrome .. but Scarlett is so so creative .. and just wonderful with her ideas:
    http://bluepurpleandscarlett.com/ and I love her blog title - the colours are so evocative ..

    Looking forward to all your offerings from your journey! Cheers Hilary

  12. Thanks Hilary, I went and looked - Scarlett's work IS beautiful!

  13. Great post. I agree, enjoying other types of creativity is great for sparking more of our own.


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