Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Remembering a Happy Time - My Memoir Collaboration with My Dad

Today my WOW blog tour guest post is over at the Women's Memoirs website. It's the story of how I tried to help my dad find a reason for living after a massive stroke left him paralzyed in body, but still sharp of mind. We collaborated on several memoir pieces that eventually were published. You can find our story here: Women's Memoirs

Here are a few pictures of my dad at Cuttyhunk Island, a place that he loved and which we wrote about together.

Standing in front of the seaplane that took Dad and his survey crew to and from Cuttyhunk.
That's Dad on the right, he'd be in his early 40's here, but he looked very young.

Dad's crew clowing around in front of the Jeep that Dad almost put "in the drink."

Mom and Dad in their 70's, at the home in Andover, MA that they shared for more than 50 years.
Dad was 86 when he passed away in 2009


  1. What a wonderful gift to your family as well as the world, Melissa!
    Blessings on this Day of Thanks! Linda

  2. Your parents would be so PROUD of you. Happy Thanksgiving, Melissa!

  3. Linda, thank you - blessings to you too. xo

    Bobby - They would be!! I feel like they are enjoying all this with me. I'm so glad that you are my friend. xo

  4. So cool that you and your Dad did some writing together. Enjoy your day of thanks tomorrow, Melissa!


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