Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Thankful Week

It's Thanksgiving week! On the one hand, I'm wondering where the year has gone. On the other, I feel ready for the holiday season to roll in. It's been such a tough year for people - I don't know anyone who hasn't had a rough time in one way or the other. It's been up and down for me too, what with Mom passing away in March. But I've been blessed too and so I'm feeling like I just want to feel content with things being rather plain and simple this year.

I'm especially grateful for the wonderful bloggers who have hosted me on the WOW Blog Tour. And Robyn and Angela at WOW did an amazing job setting it all up - if you need a tour, please check them out! Here's where I am visting this week:

Memorable Children's Books and Gifts is highlighting The Christmas Village, and there's a review there of the book as well. As the name suggests, they have lots of great books and gifts for kids. Here are the links to the blog and website:

On Tuesday, there's a review of The Christmas Village" over at 365 Days of Christmas.

Wednesday, I'm the guest over at Women's Memoirs, where I'll be talking about the memoir collaboration my father and I did after his stroke - we did two pieces that were published in the Martha's Vineyard Gazette and the Andover Townsman. The post is called, "A Collaborative Effort - My Dad/Daughter Memoir Publishing Experience."

And on Friday, we wrap up the week and give thanks over at Words from the Heart, where I'll be writing about gratitude.

Thank you so much for visiting with me and for hopping over to these other blogs. It's not just all about me (WHAT??? Not about ME???) - these folks have terrific blogs and part of the fun is discovering them.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Awesome, Melissa! I'll hop over and check it out. Congrats!! :D

  2. We think Sundays are great as well :-)

  3. The review is up. Thanks for letting me get to know you and your book. Merry Chrismtas!

  4. Hi Storm - thanks so much - I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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