Monday, November 7, 2011


My WOW blog tour starts TODAY with an interview over at the Women on Writing Blog. This week's itinerary is posted over there to the left.

This is what I'm wondering today: Is it really possible to manifest our destiny? Or is manifesting destiny kind of an oxymoron - if something is already destined, can WE really manifest it??? Does thinking about this make your head hurt???

Over the past 10 years, I've read a lot of books on the subject of manifesting our dreams into reality. It started with a book by Louise Hays. Then I read, You'll See it When You Believe It, by Wayne Dyer, and then later, The Law of Attraction, and  Ask and it is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks..

They all come at the same idea from different directions: Our beliefs drive our destinies; we can attract everything we want into our lives by setting our intentions and focusing positive thoughts and energy on them; if we ask for what we want, with the right energy behind it, it will come to us.

In my book, Jamie wishes several times that he could live in the Christmas village, and that's what happens. I guess you could say he manifested his desire. But is a wish the same as setting an intention? They seem different to me. A wish seems like asking someone else with power over your life to make something happen for you, while setting an intention feels more like you are asking the powers of the universe to help YOU make it happen. See the diff?

Plenty of people poo-poo this manifestation stuff, but I have to say that I've come to believe in it because it's happened for me enough times now to overcome my skepticism. Some things take longer to manifest than others- it took a long time to manifest my book. I'm still trying to manifest an oceanfront cottage. But in recent years, many other things have manifested quickly and with remarkable serendipity.

I'm not sure that I necessarily believe that we have a "destiny" because to me that seems pre-ordained.Or perhaps there is a destiny, but there are many paths by which we can get there. It's also possible that we can make choices that prevent us from getting there.

Today I'm keeping it simple. I'm just going to try to manifest a nice, easy day. Do you believe in manifestation? What have you manifested in your life, and what are you manifesting these days?


  1. Good morning Melissa! You and I are kind of on the same path. I have read the same books. I do believe in manifestation because once I changed my thinking, my life did change. I think it is about believing and having faith in yourself too - and really, getting out of your own way with the negative thoughts. Great post! I will head over to Women on Writing. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Tracy Jo! The same thing happened to me. When I stopped focusing on what was lacking, and started putting more positive energy behind my thoughts, everything changed. Always nice to find kindred spirits along the way.

  3. I'm right there with you and Tracy Jo. I've read those books, too, and I absolutely believe in setting intention to manifest what we want. We may not always get it, but we do have the power to change ourselves and our lives. Great post.
    Good luck on your blog tour.

  4. Thanks Karen - it's fun & exciting! Lots to do, as you well know!

  5. Our minds are so much more powerful than we give them credit, I think. We do have control over our thoughts, actions and emotions. It doesn't seem like it sometimes maybe, but there is a lot to the power of positive thinking.


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