Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thoughts About Home

Many of you may know Michelle Miller - she is "The True Book Addict," and is very active on Goodreads. If you love to read, you'll want to check out her book recommendations on Goodreads, and if you are a writer, she is a GREAT contact to have.

Michelle is also a fanatic about Christmas, and every July she celebrates Christmas in July at her The Christmas Spirit Blog. She asked me to do a guest post for that theme, and it's up on her blog now.

Our journey on the road has brought up all sorts of feelings for me about the concept of "home," and so my guest post is titled, "Home for the Holidays." If you have a chance, pop over to read it HERE, and leave a comment to let us know you came by.

We leave Nova Scotia tomorrow to head for Quebec, so I'll be putting up a farewell to Nova Scotia post with pictures from some of my favorite memories of our time here - can you believe we were here a month? It's gone by so fast .... We feel like we really got to know this small part of Nova Scotia on the South Shore -it is absolutely lovely, and the people are friendly and kind. We are ready to move on though, and we love Quebec City, so we're looking forward to our time there.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Have a wonderful time in Quebec. I have been absent from the blogosphere for a while but am really looking forward to your farewell to Nova Scotia - a place I am unlikely to get to, despite hearing nothing but good about it.

    1. I have missed being able to visit and chat - the wifi in Nova Scotia was awful, and I was taking some time away too. I look forward to returning to being more active with the blogs come fall. xo


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