Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More Pictures from Nova Scotia: Mahone Bay

Mahone Bay is a sweet little town about 30 minutes south? west? - it's hard to tell on this piece of land - anyway, that's where we went today. Enjoy the pictures, and check out the previous post for pictures of Peggy's Cove -30 minutes the other way :)

View of Mahone Bay as you come upon it from the east

One of three churches in a row on the main street

RVPainter waiting for his grilled sausage at the Farmer's Market


Shop with fabric and hand-hooked rugs. Suttles are pieces of fabric saved from something old

That's RVPainter at the Farmer's Market

A view of the bay from the town

Sweet architecture - lots of French influence

Houses are colorfully painted here

I just liked this


  1. Beautiful place! I love the picture of the church! I could see some of those houses done up in miniature (dollhouses). Especially the pink one. The statue looks so real!

  2. What a serene town? Makes me want to go and sip wine.

  3. Those are some fantastic pictures you posted. Makes me miss Canada (I'm headed back to Toronto Thursday).

    Anyway, are there a lot of antique shops up in that area? It seems like there would be.

    Cheers, and thanks for sharing the pictures. They really are great.

    1. Jeremy - there ARE lots of antiques shops all along the coastal route. Since we aren't accumulating, we haven't gone in many, but there are lots!

  4. I love that church. And of course, I love the water... just keep pictures of ocean coming, and I'll be happy.

  5. Dear Melissa, thanks for explaining the word "suttles" and for showing us several pictures of the colorful homes. What a delightful village to be visiting. Are you staying there awhile? Peace.

    1. Dee, we are on the south shore this whole month. In retrospect, we think we should have maybe split it up two weeks here and two weeks in another place, but we weren't thinking of it that way when we made the reservations - we were looking for a long stopover. So I think it will be a bit longer than we need here, but it's very beautiful and we've got more to see before we go on to Quebec at the start of August.

  6. What a beautiful area, thanks for sharing!

  7. How'd you get such consistently good weather?

    Happy to see from the last pic that George W. was able to land a job in these lousy economic times.

  8. I would just love to be strolling those streets and sitting by the shore!


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