Friday, July 20, 2012

Tall Ships - Halifax, Nova Scotia

It was a beautiful day for the tall ships in Halifax Harbor - I cannot believe the glorious weather with which we have been blessed during our stay in Nova Scotia. We leave here a week from today to head over to Ile D'Orleans, just ouside of Quebec City.

I hope you are all having a lovely summer - Enjoy these pictures of the tall ships!

The BOUNTY  - from Mutiny on the Bounty

That's one way to keep everyone together!

Even Santa showed up, for a very important conversation!
That's me with my new boyfriends!


  1. Love your pictures. Cute boyfriends. We saw the tall ships when we were in Halifax many years ago. A wonderful sight to behold. It is a pleasure to follow your travels.

  2. It sure was a GREAT day in Halifax!!!!

  3. Oh it is beautiful! It kind of looks like the South Street Seaport in my old neighborhood . I love taking the tours on those old ships it's so much fun.
    Blessings, Joanne

  4. Thanks my friends - I'm glad you are enjoying the pictures! I miss visiting with you all, but it's nice to take some time off from "real" blogging. xoxo

  5. Anonymous7/20/2012

    The one on your right's a real looker (bad that is).

  6. I like you new boyfriends!
    They're tall, big and burly...really tall!
    But then I've always been fond of Klingons and their predecessors.

  7. Dear Melissa, I so enjoyed seeing these "tall ships" with their many sails. What a sight it would be to see them actually sailing out of harbor and toward the horizon.

    The man on your right looks like a character out of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies!

    I hope the writing is going well. Peace.

    1. Hi Dee,
      Hope you are well. I've been writing in fits and starts. I had some trouble settling into a routine - too sudden a switch after all the moving and going. So I decided to let it be okay to just goof off for a while, and let it come to me when it comes. Funny, that seems to work!!

  8. Those are some scary looking boyfriends you have. Liked the ships.

  9. Nice boyfriends, lady! Love the Santa and the little girl. Not to mention the tall ships - very cool.

  10. Hi Melissa .. love the Tall Ships - my mother would have done too .. I was thinking of buying her a calendar for next year .. but your photos are great .. and Mahone I know via another blogger ..

    Great to see your travels and the classroom looks fun ... cheers Hilary

  11. How come when you take photos on a sunny day it looks sunny, and when I take photos on a sunny day I have to tell people the sun was out?

  12. In one of my fantasies, the ones I can write about in public spaces, I'm living on one of those ships in a beautiful small town harbor where I can make day excursions to the market square to buy my fresh food stuffs and pick up some bakery items that I'll enjoy on the desk or in my captains chambers with the giant window overlooking the water. Sigh...Thanks for the pictures, they are beautiful!


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