Friday, October 5, 2012

On the Road: Nashville

Well, we've landed in Nashville, Tennessee for about a week. Yesterday we went to the Grand Ole Opry Hotel and the Grand Ole Opry, and today we went to the Ryman Auditorium (the original Grand Ole Opry) and wandered around downtown for a bit.

I've actually been to Nashville once before -when I worked for UNUM, we had one of the sales conferences here at the Grand Ole Opry hotel. I remember walking around the hotel with my friend Sue. And, when our departure was delayed, Sue and I ended up going to a show at the Ryman. Vince Gill hosted it, and Tricia Yearwood was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry! Fortunate for us - we got to see two big name stars that night, just by chance.

Okay, here are some pictures of what we've seen so far:

This is inside the Grand Ole Opry hotel - that place is HUGE!

This is INSIDE the hotel! It actually reminded us of the Riverwalk in San Antonio

RVPainter outside the Grand Ole Opry

Johnny Cash's boots - at the Ryman

Inside the Ryman Auditorium - they are setting up the stage for tonight's show with Mary Chapin Carpenter

Down on Broadway

and more

BB King's restaurant and club

RVPainter enjoying ribs at Martin's BBQ in Nolensville


  1. Oh. Woe. The Grand Ole Opry looks amazing. Thank you for taking us on this trip.

  2. Anonymous10/05/2012

    That is some place....and I love Mary Chapin Carpenter.

  3. Your in a good part of the country now. I live 78 miles south of Nashville. It wasn't but a couple years ago that the hotel and ground was flooded out and had to be redone.

    1. Wow - I didn't know that! I was there (at that hotel) in 1999 for business. I think it may be even bigger now? We're heading for Memphis next.

  4. Anonymous10/06/2012

    Wow, very cool! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  5. Dear Melissa, that hotel is truly amazing. I can see that I have to get out and about a bit! I understand that a new series is starting on television this week that is entitled "Nashville." I think it's about the competition between two female singers--one older and one just breaking in.

    Thanks again for your review of "A Cat's Legacy: Dulcy's Story." You so lifted my spirits! Peace.

  6. Wow! The Grand Ole Opry looks so cool!

  7. It's been so long since I have been in blogger world I forgot you were traveling the Seven Seas. And I love Nashville. Those pictures are great, and those ribs made my mouth water. Can't wait to see more of your posts. I'm now going to spend the next hour reading all your blogs that I have missed in the last 9 months.

    1. Lovely Jane! I have missed you! It's been a wild ride as you'll see if you really do read back - wonderful, wonderful and also some real soul searching. Uprooting and winging it are not my forte, and it's been a real growth opportunity - as they like to say!


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