Monday, October 1, 2012

On the Road Again

Although I just wrapped up telling you about our trip to England and Wales, we've actually been back in the U.S. for three weeks. We spent two more weeks in Elkhart, Indiana, where Nexus continued our warranty work. The delay was caused by new cabinet doors that had been ordered, but not received. The finish on the first cabinets was not properly sealed, that's why we needed new ones. Turns out, the company doing the cabinet work never actually delivered them to Nexus - at least not before we left. Good thing that someone at Nexus had the forethought to order a set from another cabinet maker, because those did come in and got installed.

I think I told you that we had the leveler system removed - the new one malfunctioned (third strike!) so out it came. And, our third Magellan GPS failed so we sent that back. We picked up a nice little Garmin GPS and so far I like it much better - mainly because it WORKS!

Last week, we finally headed back on the road. Our first stop was in Battle Ground, Indiana at the Prophets Town State Park. This is one of the best parks we've been at in terms of how it's laid out. Nice big, flat spaces (important now that we are traveling without levelers), with lots of trees in between for privacy. Pretty country too.

Then we moved on to the Dale Hollow Lake State Park Resort in Tennessee - this too is a beautiful park, well-laid out and in a beautiful area. Here are a couple of pictures:

RVPainter relaxing in his chair behind our RV

The marina at the state park on Dale Hollow Lake

Next we head for Nashville, Memphis and then down to Florida. We'll be stopping again at Ft. Pickens State Park in Pensacola - one of our favorite stop-overs when we first set out and were heading east. We'll stay longer this time. Then we'll be heading further down into Florida for the winter months.

I'll be heading back north on my own (by plane) in late November for more classroom visits and some book signing events - I've got a pretty full schedule of those booked!

Today is a rainy day, so I'm just piddling around with this and that ... I've got a new Louise Penny mystery to read - always something to look forward to!


  1. Dear Melissa, thanks for the road trip. I was delighted to learn that you, too, read Louise Penny. Do you perhaps also read Julia Spencer-Fleming and Deborah Crombie? If not, you might truly enjoy them. Peace.

    1. Thanks for the tips = I just ordered two Julia Spencer-Fleming books for my kindle!

  2. So frustrating that they can't get those levellers right.

    1. You have no idea! Glad to have them gone. Sometimes (often) low-tech is simpler.

  3. I am so glad that your frustrations are finally being sorted out. And, if you don't read her already I would join Dee in recommending Deborah Crombie.


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