Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bigging it Up

It's been wonderful fun having Annalisa Crawford visit this week - if you haven't read her guest post about what she learned during the publishing of her book, Cat and the Dreamer, then check it out - it's just below this one. Many thanks to all of you who have shown her such a warm welcome with your comments.

I've downloaded Annalisa's book to my Kindle and can't wait to read it!


I really enjoy hosting others here at my blog. It's a great way to hear different voices and make new friends. I know it's hard sometimes to "Big it Up" for yourself, as Annalisa says. (That is definitely my favorite new expression!) So if you need someone to Big it Up for you, or if there is just something you'd like to post about and would like a new venue to share it, please send me an email at It doesn't have to be about a book - it can be about whatever your creative endeavor is, or just something that really interests you!

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!


  1. Thanks for reminding me it's Wednesday, my menory lately lol! Have put her book on my list, how cute is the title :)

    1. SEriously - it sounds great - No??? yes???
      I read the first page or two - well-written and pulled me in!

  2. What a great thing to offer, Melissa!

    And, thank you to Anna above :-)

  3. The power of a smile starts by helping the owner! ;D

  4. Very generous of you. :)

  5. This is a great idea and such a generous offer, Melissa. It's always so nice to see how supportive the blogosphere is!
    I really enjoyed Annalisa's post and also have her book on my Kindle, can't wait to read it.

  6. Well, sometimes I get tired of listening to myself! :-)


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