Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wise Bear William - A Beautiful Book for the Little Ones

I'm so excited to recommend my friend Arthur Wooten's beautiful picture book, Wise Bear William, A New Beginning, as the perfect gift for the little ones in your life. The story is funny and sweet, and has a lovely message about recognizing what makes each of us unique and special. The illustrations by Bud Santora are absolutely gorgeous! 

Here's a bit about the story: Toys that were so loved when new have been long forgotten in the attic. But rumor has it that soon the children will be coming to rescue them. Each toy hopes to be selected by a child, but each is a bit bedraggled and in need of sprucing up. The toys work together to help each other look their best for when the children come. Each toy has a quirky and endearing personality, and you'll come to feel as though they are almost real. Wise Bear William is a heartwarming story about being able to acknowledge our shortcomings with humor, and about realizing that it's what inside that truly matters.

Arthur Wooten is a playwright, screenwriter and humorist. He is the author of several critically acclaimed novels, including Birthday Pie, Fruit Cocktail and On Picking Fruit. Wise Bear William is his first book for children.

Bud Santora is a versatile and immensely talented designer and illustrator who has won an Emmy for costume design.

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Arthur Wooten
Author of Wise Bear William, A New Beginning


  1. Melissa - I completely agree with you! The story, the illustrations - beautiful through & through.

  2. Hi Gregory - it's a gorgeous book, and Arthur is so versatile. And nice. And handsome I hope he reads this.:-)

  3. Sounds like a great story!

  4. Hi Melissa .. love these sorts of stories .. now to find a grandchild, child (I guess) to start with ..

    Sounds a really fun child's book .. cheers Hilary

  5. Hi Hilary - it's really a lovely story along with those illustrations.


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