Thursday, December 1, 2011


It's Thankful Thursday again - boy does time go fast! And throw in the fact that it's December 1st! Can you believe it? Where did 2011 go ....

Today my WOW Guest Post is over at My Reading Room, and my piece is about working with themes in your writing. It's called "Themes that Resonate." On Friday, my post is a fun one called, "It Isn't Christmas without the Christmas Pudding," and it's at Storybook Love Affair, with Megan Warburton - she's all the way over in Australia!

Since it's Thankful Thursday, here is my list of today's ten thankful things:

I'm grateful for:
  • Good health - my own and my husband's
  • The start of the holiday season - I'm ready for it!
  • My husband, Dick, aka RV Painter, who keeps me laughing (check out his faux-grumpy-old-man personna over at
  • All the wonderful bloggers who graciously hosted me on my Blog Tour
  • Elaine, the librarian at the Carlos Gilbert Elementary School in Santa Fe, where this morning I'll be reading part of my book to 3rd and 6th grade classes
  • Our upcoming RV adventure - we've started booking our stays at parks next year!
  • Tony from the Liverpool Blue Coat School, who tracked down a woman who was my mom's friend at the school in 1939
  • Parents who kept me safe, but let me find my own way
  • The mint chocolate flavored, dark chocolate coated cookies I found at World Market
  • Good friends, old and new - so glad to have you all in my life
What are you thankful for today? P.S. Hope it's a good one!


  1. What a wonderful list! I'm thankful that I got into blogging, which helped me discover so many great blogs who are written by even greater people! Happy December 1st (it's my birthday month, so it's extra good). :-)

  2. I thank for meeting you, AB! I knew I liked you - I do birthday month too :-)

  3. Yes looks like a good list to us as well :-)


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