Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hurry Up and Wait

We've had good news on the home sale front - the house appraised for the agreed-upon price, and our list of home-inspection to-do's is short and to-doable. So we'll be to-doing the to-do's pronto mundo.  But we're still in a bit of limbo, because the buyers have to close on the sale of their house ...

It's a bit of a conundrum, because, if all goes through, we'll be moving out at the end of the month. So, we've had to find a place to move to (temporary digs until spring) and we've had to start packing. The house is starting to look bare, which on the one hand is painful, but on the other hand, makes it feel less like home, and easier to leave!

And, we will have to move our stuff to storage - potentially before we know for sure-for sure that things are for sure...

It wears me down! Plus packing makes me sad - it's like packing up and putting away a phase of your life. These packed boxes mean the Santa Fe phase is over, and Santa Fe has been a wonderul phase. Sigh. I know, endings are beginnings, and I'm looking forward to this new beginning. It's limbo land that I don't love so much...

On the very positive side though, I chose my book "cover concept" - meaning the style of font for the title, my name and back cover text. This means that the book is very close to FINI! I think we are talking two weeks to holding one in my hand.

And this past week, Tony from the Blue Coat Brotherly Society sent me an email to say that some of the "Beaumaris Girls" had been talking about my inquiries about my mother's time at the Liverpool Blue Coat School and as an evacuee with the school to Beaumaris, Wales in 1939, and they had started (possibly) to remember things about Mom. One of the "girls" - now in their early 80's, had asked for my address so that she can write to me. For some background on this, you can read some of my older posts called "The Kindness of Strangers." Having someone actually remember Mom, and to remember sharing those days with her, would be remarkable, and moving and just a wonderful, amazing gift.


  1. Melissa,

    My first post on your blog as I usually comment on Richard's.

    It is usually a blessing when one can get a sense of what one's ancestors were like. It kind of helps to get an idea of what they were like from the perspective of non-family members.

    I've been following you accounts on your "self-publishing," as I am "doing" a book myself. Mine will be more of a picture book with comments associated with some of the photos.

    Good luck with the packing and storing, plus the ordering of an RV.

  2. Two weeks until you hold your book in your hand - how exciting!
    Isn't it amazing that you may now be able to be in direct contact with people who knew your mother?
    Good luck with the moving!

  3. Terry, thanks for the note! My mother had a sad childhood, a bit Oliver Twist-like, but her experience as an evacuee to Wales was a happy one. I hope to find out more through her classmates. If

  4. jabblog- yes, it will be an amazing feeling to hold my book in my hand!!!

    and yes, to talk to people who knew Mom when she was young, and at this incredible moment in history, will be the best thing of all this year.

    this is a strange year, highs and lows are extreme!

  5. Oh Melissa! You DO have a zillion things going on at the same time, don't you?! Good luck with it all...and actually, I don't think you need luck. Everything will come your way, just as it should, because of the lovely person you are...and your hubby, too...(from what I can tell!)
    I CANNOT wait to see your book cover!!

  6. Oh, P.S. That's wonderful news about receiving more news from Wales. Will you have a post office box for mail, since you're in the moving stage?

  7. Becky, thanks! For the next 6 months we'll have a Santa Fe address and then yes, we'll have a PO Box - I'll make sure you have it! It's an exciting time but my emotions are definitely up and down with it all. Thank you for the kind reassuring words!!

  8. How exciting!

    It must be a mixed bag of emotions packing up the Santa Fe house but like you said...New Beginnings!

    Can't wait to see the book and wonderful that you're getting in touch with people who knew your mother when.


  9. Thanks Bobby - yes, it's a lot to process this year! You will be the second to see my book - after Dick and me.

  10. We've moved a lot, so I understand about the endings being beginnings. Most places I'm sure I'll miss terribly; and most I don't. I remember them fondly, but when we leave I'm ready to move on.

    I hope the news continues to be good about memories of your mother.

  11. Hi Carol, I have been processing all the change and am now reaching that point you describe. My husband and I have a jokey thing we say, "When it's time to go, it's time to go." We say it at the end of vacations, even though we don't want to go, when it's time to go, you are just ready to! I'll have wonderfully fond memories of our home and life in Santa Fe, but I am ready to move forward and let go!

  12. How wonderful to learn more about your mother!

    My uncle died in Vietnam and my mother and I are supposed to meet his (once) fiancee, in a month. I'm excited to learn more about who my uncle was before he died.

  13. Elisabeth - how wonderful! I'm so happy for you!


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