Saturday, September 24, 2011

Santa Fe Farmer's Market

A nice little break from packing, moving or marketing a book ... this morning we went down to the Santa Fe Farmer's Market, which is now located at the new Railyard Park that was built around the the old Santa Fe train station.

The market is a smorgasbord of sensory delights. Today the spicy, woodsy smell of roasting chiles saturated the air.  The abundant offerings of fruit and vegetables reflected the colors of early fall: bold red and yellow tomatoes; orangey pumpkins; deep purple eggplants and shiny red, yellow and green peppers.

The Farmer's Market always reminds me that so much that is beautiful in the world is Mother Nature's freely given gift. Here are some photos that I took today - some of the beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables, and a few examples of what we call "Santa Fe Style," - the very individualistic and rather eccentric way that Santa Feans like to dress.



  1. What a feast for the eyes and senses! I'm glad you were able to get away from all the moving work and enjoy a day out.

  2. Thanks Karen - it was very healthy for us! Except for that cheese danish I ate, that is....We move out completely on Tuesday - I will be so glad to land in that little apartment for 6 months- it will seem like a vacation!

    AB, Yumminess indeed! It's all so beautiful...

  3. Wow, how delightful! I love all the beautiful colors. Orange and yellow are my favorite colors, so autumn is always extra lovely to me!

    I made fidget pie this weekend, which is a traditional English harvest meal. It's apples, potatoes, onions, and ham baked in a pie. SO hearty and delicious and the perfect meal to welcome autumn!

  4. Laura, that sounds wonderful! And I just love the name....

  5. What wonderful colours in all those pictures. The fruit looks delicious!

    I so fancy buying your Christmas book for the kids. Going to hint to hubby later :)

  6. Catherine, thanks for the kind words about the pictures AND the book. It's the type of children's story the whole family can enjoy :-)


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