Monday, April 11, 2011

J is for Jellybeans

Something important has come up for me this week (hint: it's another "J" word) that will mean I have very little time to come up with cool posts, so my posts this week will be wicked short.

Easter is coming, and I just love Easter baskets, and of course jelly beans are a big part of those.

So, what's your favorite flavor jellybean? Mine is black licorice!

I also like Peeps - yellow, pink, any color! Disgusting and yummy, all in one!


  1. I LOVE LICORICE jellybeans - the bigger ones not those little mini ones - however it occurs to me that I have not gotten any for many ,many Easters - I guess I've been a bad bunny HONEY. >:0(

  2. Licorice jellybeans are my all-time favorite, with lemon coming in second. When it comes to peeps, I am a purist~only yellow ones for me. I absolutely love peeling away the cellophane from the package, sitting the peeps in the cupboard for a few days, and then biting into a now "chewy" peep. Yum!

  3. Watermelon is my favorite! During this season Starburst has a bag of all reds (cherry, strawberry, and watermeon) and I go through them like WATER! LOL! I LOVE Jelly Beans!

  4. ooh I'll check out those Starbursts, Jingle! Pam, I too, like to let the Peeps "age" a bit -:)

  5. Anonymous4/12/2011

    But have you ever tried ROASTED Peeps? Sounds a little crazy, but it was actually a big hit at our last neighborhood block party.

  6. Finally made it here and signed up as a follower, although I didn't see a follower button with icons -- the box on your page was either empty or it wasn't downloading on my page.

    I absolutely love Peeps much to the disgust of the rest of my family. The other day one of my daughters(they're all grown now) was talking about how I'd always buy Peeps for Easter and none of them liked them. I guess that's why I always had a goodly supply for myself.

    Jelly Bellies are my favorite jelly beans for sure. So many great flavors.

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  7. Seekingzeal - you must share! How does one roast a peep? Just stick it in the oven and let it get a little brown? I am willing to try this based on your recommendation!

    Arlee - looks like you did it, you're showing up as a follower - thank you! Look forward to reading more of you too.

  8. Jelly beans are my husbands favorite candy. He tends to go a little overboard on them, so limits himself to a few at Easter.

  9. I eat jellybeans with my eyes closed and try to guess the flavor. Mmmmmmm. And Peeps? Who can resist a marshmallow dipped in sugar.

  10. Anonymous5/03/2011

    A little late on my reply... You roast Peeps over a fire -- preferablly a bonfire. It's just a bit more dramatic to see the little bunny (or chick) go up in flames than it is to roast regular marshmallows. :-)


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