Tuesday, April 5, 2011

E is for Eagles and Earth and Environment and Existence

Millions of people have been watching the live web cam of eaglettes being born in the wild. Why? I think it's because eagles are so symbolic, not just of freedom, but of survival itself. I think we are fascinated by the eagles because, as strong and proud as they are, their very existence seems fragile. And, as the eagles go, so go all living things, including us. We fear our own extinction, by our own hands, and the birth of new eaglettes reassures us.

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:-) M


  1. Eagles and hawks are wonderful sights to see - I love ghe way they just float there and soar. Nice posting Melissa.

  2. We've been fascinated with these eaglets as well. It is one of the amazing things about the web--0 that so many people from so many places can share a (formerly) rare experience.


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