Tuesday, February 9, 2021


This week, I have to draw my inspiration from the letter F. Well, I don't have to, but that's the challenge I've given myself. Nothing was coming to me, though occasionally the word fog did come to mind. 

I thought of a number of other F words (hey - I'm from Massachusetts and F words are about 90% of our vocabulary), but none of them felt like anything I really wanted to delve into. Polite F words like forgiveness , family, friendship or fortitude seemed too big. Ugh - who wants to delve into all that bigness? 

There was a layer of fog hanging over the pond when I got up this morning. Ahhhh, I thought, a message from the universe. Fog must be the word. 

I took a picture, just so you wouldn't think I made it up about about the fog.

Despite the universe's nudge, I didn't feel inspired to write about fog. My brain felt too tired. That's when another F word came to mind: funk. I think I'm in a little February funk. Last week, I was all bouncy and full of inspiration. I worked on a poem, sent off an article query and taught a workshop. But this week, I got nuthin'. Maybe it's the weather, which suddenly turned warm and humid. I liked our cold spells better. 

Maybe I used all my inspiration last week and need to let the well fill back up. Geez, even that metaphor was dull....

The fog was gone by 9 a.m. I went for a walk, trimmed the Aricas and vacuumed the lanai. All that made me feel less funky, a lot hungry and wanting a nap.

So, there it is., a not very fabulous F post. In an effort to insert a smidge of insight, I'll go with this: It's okay to be in a fog or a funk and not very inspired sometimes. It'll pass.


  1. You may be in a fog but you are

  2. It is FINE to be in a fog. And sometimes a funk is a rational response. This too will pass.

  3. I’ll give my “F” word since it was inspired by your full moon meditation. This weekend, I said to my husband, “i’m so freaking glad that Saturn is finally in retrograde.”

    I, too, am from Massachusetts.

  4. We've had some amazing foggy weather recently. Although today, freezing and very windy, with sun poking through feathery clouds and warming me up a little through the window. I've definitely been in a funk too - hopefully it won't last too long, for either of us.

    1. I'm less in a funk than I was...fortunately. I think February is the kind of month that brings that on.


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