Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Today I'd like to share some of the beautiful paintings my husband, artist JR Secor (aka RVPainter) has recently done. He does weekly demos over at his RVPainter Blog.

This is JR:

JR and I are both late bloomers. I didn't start writing with dedication until my mid-forties, and he didn't start painting until his mid-fifties!

He began painting in watercolor, using only brush and colors in a very soft palette. His style was impressionistic. When we moved to Santa Fe, NM, he switched to acrylics. He began using palette knife along with brush, his paintings took on more depth in both texture and color and his style evolved to be more semi-abstract.

In his latest works, he has done something that I think is quite remarkable - combined depth of color and texture with softness - the best of both worlds.

This is one he did this week, when I asked him to do something with a wintry feeling.

Over the past few months JR has worked some different series. One series I like very much is of canola fields in Montana and Quebec during the various seasons. Another series is called "Soft Landscapes," and you'll see why.

JR has a shop on ETSY where he is offering 20% off the price of all paintings, plus FREE shipping in the U.S, through the end of January. With the sale, many of his paintings are priced less than $100.

You can take a look at many of his pieces on ETSY, but I'll share a few of my own recent favorites with you here. If you like seascapes, he has many of those too.

Click on the painting to go to the listing on ETSY. ENJOY!

9 x 12
$115 (Sale price $92)

9 x 12
$125 (Sale Price  $100)

In the next two paintings, you can see how he worked with light and color to capture the feeling of different seasons.

18 by 24
$250 (Sale price $200)

24 by 18
$250 (Sale price $200)


  1. So much talent nestled into the one family...

  2. They're fantastic! But I especially love the wintry one at the top.

    1. Me too - it looks like a Christmas card.


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