Wednesday, June 20, 2012

East Boothbay, Bootbay and Southport

We wind up our fantastic week in the Boothbay area today, heading up now to Bar Harbor. We had spectacular weather here, mostly glorious blue sky days with the sun sparkling on the sea. Just what you hope for - and rarely get! It doesn't look as promising up in Bar Harbor, but we feel that our time here was very blessed. We got to see our artist friends Jan Kilburn (, Maddie Lou Chaplin (, and Tony Van Hasselt ( and his wife Jan. I spent some time with my friend Darla, and we had dinner with friends Randy and Marsha.

There were a few sad moments, when we learned about the deaths of artists Judi Wagner and Nancy Gagnon, whose work we admired. And when we went to visit another artist couple, we found them packing up to leave for a new life in Florida.

Here are pictures from around the Boothbay area, which I have visited and loved since I was a little girl. I think you'll see why.

Cosy Harbor on Southport Island

Cuckholds Light off Southport

Hendricks Head Beach - RVPainter thought it was chilly, but he felt right asleep!

The East Boothbay General Store - now better than ever! Our old house is right around the corner.

Lobstas at Robinson's Wharf

One of the beautiful old inns in downtown Boothbay

The Ebb Tide has been there forever!

Boothbay Library - they have band concerts on the lawn every Thursday night during summer

The footbridge - one of the defining features of Boothbay

RVPainter enjoying FUDGE!

Sigh. A beautiful morning sitting on the rocks at Ocean Point. Perhaps my favorite thing in the world to do.

Looking out to Ram Island Light from Ocean Point

That's me, on the rocks at Ocean Point


  1. I have visited there but it was nice to see things through your eyes...

  2. Mmmmm! Lobster!!!!!

  3. I'm enjoying the tour. Beautiful photos.

  4. I'd love to just step into those photos. What an enchanting place!

  5. Gosh, that's a beautiful area! Thanks for sharing all this with us. :)

  6. I'm with Lynn, it looks enchanting.

  7. What a very quaint area! I love the East Coast.

  8. Dear Melissa, in your last posting you took me to Camden and I wanted to go there. Now we're in the Boothbay area and it looks enticing also. I've never really been by the ocean--Atlantic or Pacific. But the vastness reminds me a little of Lake Superior and its rocks and waves. It's an enormous lake--maybe the biggest in the world. Not sure, but something like that. And I used to camp every fall at Gooseberry State Park which is right next to the lake. My friend and I fell asleep to the sounds of water splashing on the boulders. I did that for ten years and then Annette was no longer able to camp. Thank you for bringing back to me such dear memories. Peace.

  9. Hi Everyone - I'm glad you are enjoying! We're in Bar Harbor now, where Acadia National Park is. And the weather is still with us - sunny and beautiful - gone suddenly warmer - even this far up. But that's okay! We look forward to driving through Acadia tomorrow and finding nice places to park our tushies. That's pretty much what we like to do - find beautiful spots, get out the beach chairs and LOOK!!!

  10. The more I see, the more I want to visit too!

  11. What splendid pictures! The towns look so nostalgic! A little like our San Juan Islands...but with sun!


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