Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pictures from San Antonio, Texas!

I'm so excited to post these pictures from the first stop on our very loooooonnnngggg road trip! We arrived in San Antonio late Tuesday. On Wednesday, we visited two missions - the San Jose Mission and the Conception. There are two more, which we'll visit sometime this week. After the missions (very peaceful and beautiful), we went down to the Riverwalk, walked a bit, had a fabulous lunch and took the Riverboat Cruise. This morning, we go to the Alamo (haven't seen it yet!) and back to the Riverwalk.


As beautiful and moving as the missions are, the mission story is not all a good one.

The native people of southern Texas lived happily as hunter-gatherers in a lush, green environment for a long time. Then, in the 1700's, they found themselves caught between two forces: Apaches attacking from the north and diseases brought by Europeans attacking them from the south.

The Spanish, well-entrenched to the south, sought to expand their land holdings and to convert the native people to Christianity. To save themselves, the native people of south Texas agreed to relinquish their lives as hunter-gatherers on the open plains to live under the protection of the Spanish missions. They helped to build, maintain and protect the missions and learned trades or how to farm the land.

Later, when the land once again was fought over, the Spanish were driven out and the missions abandoned.

Now the missions offer a serene and peaceful place where we can reflect on history and on the lives of those who lived and worked here. I imagined the open green alive with traders and workers, and imagined the sorrow of the native people who had known a different life and made a hard bargain for their survival.

Walking the now peaceful mission grounds and thinking of the lives lived, changed and lost here, these words resonated in my mind:  This too shall pass.

Here are the pictures from yesterday - Enjoy!!

RVPainter and me outside the San Jose Mission in San Antonio, Texas

San Jose Mission from the entrance . At one time, the whole green would have been like streets of a town. Later, the native residents lived in one-room "houses" in the walls of the mission, which became more like an enclosed fortress.

Closer view of the San Juan

Inside the mission church.

Front of the mission -Rose Window over the mission door

These flowers seemed like a combination of lilacs and bleeding hearts

Moving on to the Conception Mission, smaller than the San Jose

And now for something completely different, a picture of the Blue Crab Tostada we had for lunch at Boudreau's on the Riverwalk:

Oh my word, this was SOOOOO good! They also make the guacamole right at your table. I've got a video of that on my Iphone, but I haven't figured out how to load it to my computer yet. But I'll work on it!


  1. Such a WONDERFUL DAY was yesterday - now I'm torn between another Blue Crab and the Ribs!!! :>O

    We're DO'IN IT!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!

  2. It was a wonderful day! I think you should have ribs while we're here :) xo

  3. I love the Riverwalk - it is beautiful. And seeing the Alamo was special. So wonderful so see photos of you and your wonderful hubby on the adventure of a lifetime.

  4. Reading your blog is going to be like taking a tour of the USA, no passport required.

  5. The carvings above the door are so intricate - really beautiful!

    1. Annalisa, I was thinking that they have a kind of medieval castle feeling to them, very beautiful indeed.

  6. Oh! You are living my dream. I've always wanted to visit Texas; San Antonio in particular. I want to see the missions, walk along the boardwalk, buy some cowboy boots and dance to Texas swing music. Seeings as you've gone to the mission and dined on the there any possiblilty that you've purchased some cowboy boots and boot scooted across the dance floor? That would be just too wonderful!

    1. Deboara - I got a pair of beautiful RED cowbuy boots just before we started the trip!!

  7. Oh. Magical. And the tour I can take from the comfort of my own home. And don't the two of you look happy. Which is wonderful.

    1. I'm feeling more settled down now and having fun!

  8. That tostada - yum! And the front of the Mission - gorgeous.

  9. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures of San Antonio, Texas. : )


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