Friday, March 9, 2012

Shhh...I'm still resting but I wanted to tell you this!!

Remember when Greg Allen visited not too long ago?

This is Greg - remember him?

                                                              And this is his book - remember it?

And remember how he wrote us a nice post about the inspiration for his book, Chicken Boy, The Amazing Adventures of a Super Hero with Autism? And how he asked us to vote for it in the Mee Genius Author Challenge? And remember how lots of us did?


He won!! Here's the link to prove it: Mee Genius Challenge Winners

I'm still resting :-), but this was too exciting not to share right away! Greg says thank you again for all your support and your kind comments when he was here to visit.


  1. Dear Melissa,
    Just a note on your resting day to explain why I haven't commented recently. I've been editing a manuscript for a friend and so have been away for about three weeks. I've missed a lot, but I hope now to catch up with at least the most recent postings of all the blogs I follow.

    Just wanted you to know that I've finished the books that were ahead of yours in the stack on my bed stand. So tonight I will be beginning "The Christmas Village." I'm truly looking forward to that!


    1. Oh Dee, how sweet you are! We all have things that pop up and take over don't we??? I hope that it's all very serendipitous, and that this is the PERFECT time for you to read my book. I hope it transports you to times and places that feel soothing and good! xoxo

  2. Congratulations to Greg and you just get yourself all rested up there Melissa.

  3. Thanks for stepping away from your rest to share this, Melissa! You are just too sweet! And thanks to your readers too.

  4. That's awesome, well done Gregory :)

  5. Very cool!
    Happy Weekend :)

  6. Big congratulations and due to Greg. You also gain another brownie point in the super friends stakes. You are in the awesome friend category now, shooting for the stars.


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