Thursday, October 20, 2011

It All Started with the Bad Hair...

Am I the only who does this? I have needed a haircut for over a month - meaning that a month ago, I should have already had a haircut two weeks before.  So for 45 days now, I've had bad hair. My usually perky curls have been limp and floppy and dull and gray - not silver as I like to think of them. On top of that, I've looked exhausted - dark circles under my puffy eyes, skin looking about the same color as my hair.

So since I've got bad hair AND I look tired, of course I start dressing badly too. I work at a yoga studio, so I can get away with a lot, but even so I've sunk to new lows: black cropped yoga pants worn with brown clogs and no socks. Tops that don't go with the pants, and my brown Woolrich jacket thrown over it all, because it's warm and makes me feel cozy even though it's the ugliest thing in my closet. Even for Santa Fe, which is known for it's "anything goes" fashion-sense, I've been looking like a promising candidate for What Not to Wear.

Actually, I wish someone had been filming me and sent the video to the WNTW folks, because I'd love to go to NYC with a $5,000 charge card and get new clothes...but anyway....

Today I finally had my hair appointment. My curls are bouncy again and I look 10 years younger. I felt so good that afterward, I went shopping for a Book Signing outfit at the boutique across from the salon. I got a gorgeous belted sweater and a tank to wear under it. I also got two pairs of really nice socks. I'm human again.

So the moral of the story is: Spare society your inevitable downward spiral and get the darn haircut.


  1. Melissa, it's really freaky how alike we are!! I JUST today got a haircut that I should've gotten weeks ago! And yes, I feel much cuter and younger looking now! :)
    Good for you for getting new clothes, too! You deserve to look great, especially at your book signings!! Hugs....

  2. I so get this post, Melissa. I tend to let myself go and it doesn't feel good. I can manage to keep up with my appearance for awhile, then, phhhhsh, I'm a slob again. Good for you.

  3. Seriously, are you watching me becasuse that is EXACTLY what I do! Thanks for making me not feel so abnormal:)

  4. I got a lip wax too, but I thought that might be TMI, especially for the guys....every time I do this, I swear I won't do it again. But then I do....It's comforting to be in such good company!!

  5. sometimes I look in the mirror and I am shocked that I went out looking like an unmade bed!
    Gotta make an appt soon.
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. Joanne, when I get in this phase, I think I delude myself that I am actually invisible.

  7. Good grief, can I relate! Except that I'm more like 18 mos over due for a cut :-/ My spirals are turning to frizz and, yes, the silver looks more gray. I've started wearing oversized t-shirts and every time I look in the mirror I see my older sister--yuk!
    I'd love to get a haircut...and a foot rub.

  8. Oh yes! A foot rub! That would be lovely too...


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