Friday, August 26, 2011

Spark Blogfest Post #3 Is there a book or author that changed your world view?

This is my third, and final, post as part of the SPARK BLOGFEST, and the next question that our host, Christine Tyler (see more info in the box to the left) posed was:

Is there a book or author that changed your world view?

I know there are tons of books that changed my world view, but I'm going to go with the first answer that popped into my head, because that is probably the answer that is most true. The book is Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

I'm actually going to toy with the question a bit and say that this book didn't so much change my world view, as it changed my "view of the world." Does that make sense to anyone but me? What I mean is that it dramatically changed the way I was going through life and the way that I was thinking about things.

At the time I read Simple Abundance, I was in my mid-40's, living in beautfiul East Boothbay, Maine and commuting an hour-plus to work in Portland as an executive for a large company. Although I was well-paid, I constantly viewed my life in terms of what was lacking - mainly lack of time. Lack of time to do anything BUT work, lack of time with my husband, family and friends, lack of time to goof off. Lack of rest. Although I was successful at what I did, I didn't like it at all - it wasn't "me." I wasn't writing, and I knew I should be. I saw everything in terms of what wasn't right with my life.

This book taught me how to change from a "lack" mentality to an "abundance" mentality by focusing on appreciation for all the simple joys of life that are there in abundance for us all each and every day. A clear blue sky, wildflowers by the side of the road, a solitary man clamming during low tide in Wiscasset Harbor, sailboats passing by Ocean Point.

Simple Abundance focuses our attention on being grateful for these small things, for what we do have, and for all the things that actually go right in our day. Keeping a gratitude journal was a huge turning point for me, as it forced me to record my blessings each day. Some days, the main thing to be grateful for is that the day is over, but that's okay. Most days, we can all list at least 10 things for which we are grateful, and some days I challenge myself to get to 100. Once you start, it's not that hard.

Anyway, that's my book - do you have one that changed your world view?

Thanks again to Christine Tyler for hosting the SparkFest - it's been fun, and so nice to meet great people!


  1. I love Simple Abundance! I read the day's entry all year; this is my second year reading it each day. It's wonderful.

    The Diary of Anne Frank changed my world view. Even when darkness surrounds us, there's still beauty and good if you look hard enough. Anne taught me that!

  2. I haven't read this book, but now I really want to! I feel like I am in the same place you described when you read this book. I'm anxious to read it now as it sounds very inspiring.

  3. Laura, I have had the book a long time and sometimes I'll just open it up to the day's date to see what it has to say, and so often it fits. Diary of Anne Frank - a wonderful choice and your reason is beautiful.

    Julie - it's actually like a day book - for each date, there is an essay that talks about some aspect of life. So, it's like you pick it up and see what it says for August 26th. There are some lovely thoughts and inspirations in it.

  4. Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

    Lola x

  5. Thanks Lola - lovely to meet you!

  6. I remember when I read Simple Abundance. And I was the same way - it really did change the way I looked at my life. It is amazing the things we have to be grateful for - even on 'those' days.

  7. I keep reading these posts and once again have come upon a title that I am so tempted to read! Simple Abundance sounds beautiful!


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