Sunday, January 24, 2016


Sangha is a Sanskrit word that means "community." One of the most wonderful things about being a yoga teacher is being part of a community of students who share a common interest and enjoy learning together.

I recently had the revelation that, in my deepest essence, I have not changed much since I was a little girl of age seven or so. At that age, I loved to go to school and church and be part of those communities. I loved to learn. I loved to be with and play with my friends. And then, I loved to go home and be alone.

And now, I love going to teach my classes at the beautiful studio here or to take classes myself. I need to be in a learning environment in order to thrive; I love being with my sangha; I love tlking and laughing and playing with my friends. And then, I like to go home and be alone! 

It's funny how we have to go a long way in life, maybe even travel far from home, explore different jobs, different relationships, different places and ways of living, only to find that who we were at the age of 7 or 8 is who we've really been all along.

Here are some photographs from the Annual Open House at The Yoga Sanctuary yesterday. This is where I am so fortunate to be a teacher these days. My heart is filled with gratitude for this place, these people and for the miraculous ways of the universe that kept bringing me to yoga again and again throughout my life as if to say, " is your path! Over here!" And it never gave up on me as I tried different paths - it simply kept whispering to me until I finally listened.

Open House at The Yoga Sanctuary

On your left, Jennifer French, owner of The Yoga Sanctuary
and on your right, Me.

Everyone's favorite pose: Savasana
In our beautiful main studio

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