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Review and Guest Post: Becky Lewellen Povich, Author of From Pigtails to Chin Hairs

When writer and humorist Becky Lewellen Povich said she was penning her memoir, I couldn't wait to read it. Well, she made me wait ... and wait ... and wait ... but while I waited, she wrote ... and wrote ... and wrote ... and now her wonderful book,  FROM PIGTAILS TO CHIN HAIRS is finally available! And it was SO worth the wait!

So first, here's my review of her book. After that you'll find a funny post from Becky's blog and all the pertinent links to her book and website. 


If you grew up in the 1950's and 1960's, you will LOVE this book! And even if you didn't, it will make that era come vividly to life for you. It's filled with humorous vignettes, but like any good memoir, it's also about life. And as we all know, life isn't always rosy. 

I am a child of that era too, and even though Becky grew up in Missouri and I grew up in Massachusetts, sometimes I felt like Becky and I shared the same childhood!  We watched the same TV shows, played marbles in our driveways and made potholders that we sold to our neighbors. (Did everybody do that???)

Her writing is witty and her storytelling skills masterful. And she knows just how and when, in the middle of the stories of happy times, to foreshadow some harder times to come. Her prose is alternately laugh-out-loud funny and poignant. Becky says there will be a sequel to this memoir, and I can't wait to read it. 

Now here's a humorous post from Becky's blog. At the end, you'll find the links to her blog, website and pages on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Vern, BBQ Grill, Hazel, & Roseanne Roseannadanna

I've blogged a few times about my clumsiness; falling down steps, bumping into furniture, and tripping over this or that. Well at 6:30am one morning, when Vern and I were outside, I fell and...

as Hazel would say, it was a doozy!

I took this picture from our deck last year. 
Do you see that tiny little silver spec in the grass?

Same picture. Cropped closer.
Do you see it now?

Same photo again. Cropped even closer. 
Yes, there it is. The Culprit. 

This is the drive-way & parking lot behind our townhouse. The decks are over the garages, and we have a beautiful and private view. Vern and I have walked along, and up and down, that little grassy hill zillions of times. He always knows when, and how to, back up and out of an area. Normally, if he sniffs too close or behind that BBQ grill, I pull gently on his leash, and he then backs out and trots along the front of it.


Well, that morning he was quite a bit behind it, in the shrubs. So I decided to pull him out of there, on the back side of the grill, but frontwards. He got confused and turned the other way, and so before I could lift the leash up high enough, he and I kind of "clothes-lined" the grill! 

As it began to roll down, I tried to stop it, and somehow slipped or tripped, bounced around a bit and fell down the little hill, landing on my back and derriere on the hard concrete. As that was happening, the grill's lid fell off and clanked, my glasses and baseball cap flew off my head, and my cell phone slid out of my pocket.

I sat there for a few minutes and knew I hadn't broken any bones, thank goodness, but my left knee and left arm hurt quite a bit.

I wondered if anyone heard or witnessed my tumble, but I really didn't care one way or the other. I was so glad I had on jeans, because I could tell my left knee was scraped and bleeding, and it would've been a lot worse with shorts on.

Vern and I walked home. I cleaned up my scrapes and crawled back into bed.

“The Ronald” wasn't a bit aware of it until a couple of hours later when he woke up and I told him all about my latest escapade, and then added,

"It just goes to show you, it's always something--if it ain't one thing, it's another." -- Roseanne Roseannadanna

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  1. Melissa, thank you for having me as your guest today. And may I add that I am thrilled with your review of my memoir?! I am truly ecstatic that you enjoyed it so much. As we both know, hearing positive remarks from our readers means the world to us! Thank you - thank you!!

  2. I really thought maybe you were stealing my memories at times! My mom made me give back the money from the potholders :(

    1. That is so funny about the potholders! We didn't have to give our nickels or dimes back! LOL. They still sell those looms in hobby shops, but the "thread" thingys are in all kinds of wacky lengths, and not stretchy! Very hard to work with! If you find any good ones....let me know! I still like to make them! :D

    2. I think it would be good therapy to make them! And they were handy! I think Mom didn't want us to seem "poor." I remember one sweet older man who felt so bad about taking the money back. :(

  3. How I loved Becky's book. And I am thrilled to see her popping up all over the blogosphere with it - except that it takes away from her sequel writing time. Yes, I know - I am greedy.

    1. I want to read more too!

    2. You're so kind and supportive, Ms. EC! I think some people are probably tired of seeing me pop up all over the blogosphere! :)
      BUT, you will be happy to know that I wrote a few hundred words today! Yay! And the day isn't over yet, either! LOL

    3. Thanks, Melissa! I'm working on it.... LOL

  4. Nice to meet you Becky. I'm glad you weren't hurt too much in your fall. At times like that though, you really hope no one has seen, don't you? :-)

    1. We've all had that experience - hoping nobody saw!

    2. Hi Annalisa - What a beautiful name! I'm happy to meet you, too. And yes, at first I really hoped no one saw me, but I thought I was pretty "safe" because it was REALLY early on a weekend!! LOL I am a real klutz and have many stories to tell :)
      Thank you so much for stopping and commenting!

    3. Yes, Melissa! Crazy things always seem to happen to me....Remember me riding my bike down into a concrete sewer, because I was busy looking up at a plane?!

    4. I don't remember that one - but that's a good one! I'm surprised you and Annalisa haven't met before this - two of my favorite people!

    5. Melissa, you're so funny! And although I hadn't met Annalisa before, I'm glad to know her now....and Aww, thanks! I'm one of your favorite peeps! :)

  5. Dear Melissa, this book does sound like it will be a treat to read. Thanks for sharing. Peace.

    1. It's fun to remember that era!

    2. Hello Dee! Thank you for stopping and commenting!
      And Melissa, thanks again for having me on your wonderful blog!


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