Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Tick off the Bucket List

Today we spent part of the day on Lighthouse Park Beach on Sanibel Island. I remember seeing pictures of Sanibel's shell-laden beaches when I was a kid, and I always dreamed of going there. Today we did.

The beach was beautiful, but it wasn't exactly shell-laden. The tide was coming in and I think all the shells were hiding under the waves. I managed to collect a decent handful for my ever-growing collection....

Here are a couple of pictures looking up and down the beach. That's Dick sitting under the umbrella in the first one.

Someone made a mermaid in the sand from shells 

Here she is a little closer up. She has nice coconuts!

Are those hot dogs or my knees???

Afterward, we drove to the other end of the island to Captiva, another place that had fueled my young imagination. I liked both Sanibel and Captiva, but I think I actually like Captiva a little more. We had lunch at the Mucky Duck, a pub that is right on the beach. The food was great!

It was all around a great day and I finally realized my dream of walking on a Sanibel beach. It's only an hour from us, so we'll go back often and try some of the other beaches too. I mean, you can never have even shells!!


  1. Love the mermaid. And Mucky Duck. What a wonderful interlude you took us on - thank you.

  2. She sell sea shell at the seashore - is that true? Si

  3. Oh, Melissa! What beautiful beaches....and ocean water....and seashells....and people....Ahhhh...I really could use a trip to one of these paradise islands, but I'm quite a bit more than an hour away! :)
    And just a reminder, I haven't forgotten about your interview on my blog tomorrow, the 14th!!

    1. Hi Becky - thanks for the reminder - I had forgotten what day it was!


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