Wednesday, January 1, 2014


The first review for Return to Canterbury appeared on today, so I thought I'd share it with you here.:

"I received a copy of this book for review and I was so happy to have the chance to return not only to Canterbury but also to the charming characters of Jamie and his friends. If you enjoyed Goodwin's first novel, you will love this sequel!

Return to Canterbury takes place during the summer following the events of The Christmas Village. The 4th of July is the holiday at the center of this story, and the reader quickly finds that Canterbury is as charming in the summer as it was in the winter.

While I was anxious for Jamie to return to the 1930s, I wondered what reason he could possibly have for doing so. Goodwin comes up with an intriguing reason that manages to tie the two novels together in a way I didn't expect.

When Jamie returns to the Canterbury of the 1930s he finds the town struggling under the weight of the depression and dealing with suspicious fires and possibly unscrupulous businessmen. True to form, Jamie and his friends Chris and Kelly quickly find themselves at the center of the action and working to save the town they love.

Return to Canterbury is filled with the suspense, humor, and heartwarming characters readers have come to expect from Goodwin. It was a pleasure to return to her writing and I look forward to reading more from her in the future."

                                                               ~ Julie Flanders, author of Polar Nights and The Ghosts of Aquinnah



  1. Anonymous1/02/2014

    Great review. Thanks for sharing it. This book is on my TBR book list.

  2. Congrats on a great review, Melissa! Wishing you all the best in the new year!!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  3. Wow - nice review! I haven't read The Christmas Village yet, but I keep meaning to. Such a huge pile (and virtual pile) of books to read! Congratulations and Happy New Year!

    1. I know what you mean - so many books, so little time!


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