Friday, August 3, 2012

Some Bouquets for You

One thing I love about Farmer's Markets is that there are so many different kinds of bouquets to be found there - not just the floral ones, but also bouquets of fruits and vegetables and even beautifully arranged bottles. These photos are from the permanent Farmer's Market in Quebec City, down along Boulevard Charest on the waterfront.

I think we will drive out to Malbaie today. This drive will be along the Route du Fleuve (River Route), which takes you the Charlvoix region where there are lovely little villages and incredible scenic overlooks.

Malbaie was named by Richelieu, because when he was ready to sail out of port, he couldn't because the river is tidal and the tide was out! So he called it "Bad Bay." There is a hotel and casino there - the Chateau Richelieu. It is a "sister" to the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City (see previous post). There will be pictures for sure!

In the meantime, enjoy these bouquets, from me to you with love.


  1. Lovely colours. Thanks for the tour.

  2. Such vibrant colors! Truly a feast for the eyes.

  3. Dear Melissa, all those vegetables look so healthy and they are so big. Here in the mid-west the drought is, as they say here, "beastly"--all 35 of the counties in Kansas have been declared disaster areas and in western Missouri, where I live, many areas, including Jackson County (where I live). So vegetables here do not look nearly so healthy and are stunted by lack of moisture. The cucumbers are bitter.

    Having said all this, I want to thank you for the carnival of colors you showed us in your photographs. Peace.

    1. It's been hot and dry in Canada too, I understand, though we were cool and comfortable in Nova Scotia. You can see they need rain here too by the dry grass.

  4. What a generous and beautiful gift you have given us. Thank you. Lots.

  5. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. The fruits and veggies all look so yummy.

  6. Oh, I'm hungry now. I wish we had a farmer's market locally - but the most that happens in my town is they talk about it.


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