Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tweet Tweet

Yes, that day has come. I have finally figured out this twitter thingy-jiggy. Turns out it's not so bad. It's just like everything else, getting started is the hardest part.

So there I am on twitter as @GoodwinMelissa. Mind you,  I don't plan to tweet all the time. But I enjoy seeing what people say, and I like being able to support what others are up to - especially fellow writers. I've tweeted about Karen Walker's book and about Arthur Wooten's book. It feels self-conscious at first until you realize that people are quite nice and quite appreciative, and some are actually paying attention! Sure there are lots of people tweeting incessantly about God knows what, but you can just ignore it. So it's not such a scary place after all.

I am not following Ashton Kutcher or Charlie Sheen. Or the Kardashians. :-) I am mostly following folks with whom I share some common interest - writing, books, reading, art, children's literature, publishing.

What I am doing now is going down through my blog list and "following on twitter" any of you who are on there. I'm only part-way through my list, so if I haven't found you yet, I will. So, you might keep an eye out to see me showing up as your twitter follower, and if the spirit moves you, you might follow me back. I'll keep an eye out for you too!

find me at @GoodwinMelissa tweet tweet!


  1. tweet! I gotta get one of those thing-ys

  2. If you need help, I am reasonably expert now, thanks to my friend Bobby's tutelage- as usual!

  3. Thanks for your well wishes. I'm getting in my last minutes of this techno world and will find you on twitter. (I'm @Rawknrob. I rarely tweet, but it's fun and a super easy way to build a network quickly. The one famous person I follow is Ellen DeGeneres.)
    Be well.

  4. Yay for Twitter! I personally adore it. But at first there's a big learning curve. If you get one of those birds on your blog it helps get followers as well. I will look for you there!

  5. Good luck with the tweeting! I like the network I've created on twitter. Most everyone I follow tweets about the things I love best: books and writing. That makes me happy. See you on twitter! @melissasarno

  6. Twitter can be a lot of fun for networking with writers and just learning about publishing in general. Just wait till you have fun with #hashtags! :)

  7. Melissa, thanks so much for "tweeting" about me and my book. I wish you luck. I tried Twitter for awhile and just couldn't understand how to get benefit from it, so I deleted my account.

  8. Okay, tweeps, I'm coming to find you!

  9. You follow me and I'll follow you!
    ;-) Alienbody

    Actually, I don't tweet all that much, because I don't really have much to say.

    Congrats! I think it will help to build your readership. Good luck!

  10. This is one thing I am just going to have to live without I'm afraid. Email and blogs serve my purpose for electronic communication.
    Sorry to be a party pooper.

  11. Congrats on entering the tweeting world. I'm still learning about it myself, but I just "followed" you on twitter. Best of luck!

  12. Sylvia - I'll find you and follow you back - thanks! I actually feel quite comforted by finding my bloggie friends there - makes it feel more like home. Plus it gives us an opportunity to tweet with folks we feel comfortable with.


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