Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our Book about RV Life

I haven't been here in a while because I've been busy working with Dick (aka RVPainter) on our book about RVing. Many of you followed us on our journey living and traveling in our motorhome that we named the Dreamcatcher. We had our ups and downs and though I'm glad we've settled down again, I can honestly say that it was the best time of my life in terms of personal growth. I learned so much about RVing, sure, but also about myself. And the travel was awesome.

Our book isn't a memoir of our life on the road, it's a self-help book for new and prospective RVers. We do tell some of our Road Stories, but only in the context of illustrating certain points. So this is a very different book from my other books or even from my blog posts.

Our book is called Tips for New RVers: Catchin' the Dream. It's written mostly in  Q&A and Tips, along with some Road Stories. It's not a nitty-gritty how-to book; rather it's an overview of basic aspects of RV life. When we were RV Newbies, we found that getting too much detailed information all at once could be overwhelming. So we wanted to make our book more of an overview and introduction to important topics, without trying to cover everything there is to know about every aspect of RVing. We hope that we've made it not only informational and educational, but accessible and entertaining as well.

The book should be out in about a month. As I mentioned, it's for new RVers, so it's probably too basic for experienced Road Warriors. But if you or someone you know is thinking about trying RVing, or is pretty new to it, it could be a helpful resource.

I'll keep you posted on the release date. In the meantime, I've set up a website for the book here:

Relaxing on a beautiful day at Dale Hollow State Resort Park in Kentucky - the best part of RV life.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cathedral Rock - Red Rock Crossing

Just had to share this latest painting from Dick - I asked him to do some southwest paintings and he's really delivered!

This is the view of Cathedral Rock from Red Rock Crossing, in Sedona, Arizona. We spent many happy days sitting on the red rocks there by Oak Creek, with this exact view.



The Christmas Village reflects many of my cherished childhood memories of growing up in the beautiful New England town of Andover, Massachusetts. It holds remembrances of snow-covered ground, the smell of pine and wood smoke filling the air and candlelit Christmas Eves. But it's more than just a story set at holiday time - it's an adventure that will transport you to another place and time and take you on a roller coaster ride of excitement and suspense.

As a reader, I love stories with twists and surprises, and as a writer, I promise there are more than a few in my book! And as a reader, I also enjoy a story with underlying themes that reflect life itself, and so in The Christmas Village, issues of disappointment, loss and forgiveness are subtly interwoven.

As you are transported into a magical adventure along with our young hero, Jamie, I hope that my book's positive themes around friendship and family, blanketed in an adventure that is exciting and fun, and topped off with a dollop of nostalgia, will bring you and all the children in your life, young and old, a renewed sense of holiday joy.

THE CHRISTMAS VILLAGE is the winner of the 2013 BLOGGER BOOK FAIR READER'S CHOICE AWARD for children's action/adventure.


~I am in the 3rd grade. My mother just bought an autographed copy of "The Christmas Village". I couldn't stop reading it ! It was just hard to put down. Everyone in my family wants to read it. I think you should write Part Two! Thanks for writing a great book. From Pete

~I just finished your book, The Christmas Village. It was an awesome book! I love your books and I hope you write another book. Sincerely, Andrew

~I loved your book The Christmas Village. It was so funny that I could not stop reading it. Your book was amazing! From Arnav

~I loved The Christmas Village! It was so interesting and exciting that I wouldn't stop reading it until I finished the whole book! ... Everyone should read it because it is packed with action and like I said is so exciting. I think you had an amazing choice of your describing words. Sincerely, Ava

~I really like your book. Your ending I thought was really good. Jamie and Kelly are my favorite characters. From


Classroom Visits!

Classroom Visits!

Book Signings!

Book Signings!


A reading at the Shetford Library in Hubbards Cove, Nova Scotia